Aqua-Vu® Unveils Technology in Temperature and Depth

Crosslake, Minn. – Anglers call it pattern fishing; a set of variables that come together to form consistently successful fishing. In terms of fish location—that most important of all fishing factors— no dynamic is more important than depth. Less investigated, yet almost equally influential on fish position, is water temperature.

Providing solutions to several layers of the pattern fishing mystery, Aqua-Vu recently unveiled bonus technology for its popular Micro camera series. The new Aqua-Vu Micro® DT features advanced color optics as well as digital readouts of water depth and water temperature, from one to 100 feet.

“For quickly determining a productive pattern, the Micro DT might be the most powerful fishing tool I’ve used,” says professional guide and tournament angler, Brian Brosdahl. “The ability to deploy the Aqua-Vu optics and instantly receive an accurate profile of temperature throughout the water column is invaluable. Not only can I quickly determine water temperature at any depth, I also have the added bonus of seeing fish there, as well as what the bottom looks like at any precise depth.”

Bro notes that each species maintains a different “optimum temperature range” in which they’re most comfortable, and where they’re most likely to feed actively. “Walleyes really thrive at about 67 degrees. Largemouths flourish in the low 70s. Yet while the surface temperature gauge on your sonar gives a superficial glimpse of temperature, the Micro DT determines water temperature at various depths where fish live, which can vary by a dozen degrees or more from the surface.”


Also noteworthy, says Bro, is the camera’s ability to quickly determine the depth of the thermocline. “Whether or not anglers realize it, the thermocline has a dramatic bearing on their fishing success. The Micro DT provides the fastest, easiest means of discovering the depth range of this valuable underwater zone.

bro“For example, I just fished a good bass lake where the water temperature was in the mid 70s from the surface all the way to 24 feet. But between 25 and 27, water temperature dipped from 72 to 65 degrees. Smallmouths love 65-degree water. We went to two totally separate spots on this lake, and found a mega school of smallmouths holding at 25 feet in both locations. Without first discovering the depth of the thermocline, locating these bass might have taken hours, days or longer.”

Initially sold as an add-on camera module for Aqua-Vu Micro 5 and Micro 5 PLUS Underwater Viewing Systems, interchanging the Micro DT is as simple as plugging the new camera into the back of the Aqua-Vu LCD. Complete with 100 feet of high strength camera cable and stealthy, thumb-sized optics, the Micro DT module also includes a compact cable wrap system. High-resolution color optics also provide constant displays of water temperature (Celsius and Fahrenheit) and depth (feet and meters).

Fresh- and saltwater ready, the Aqua-Vu Micro DT underwater camera module retails for $219.99 and is designed for use in any fishing or underwater inspection application. For more information on the full line of Aqua-Vu fishing technology, visit