Angling Technologies Offers 3-Foot Depth Contours for Chesapeake Bay

Angling Technologies, the pioneer in online interactive fishing maps that anglers can customize however they wish has recently released 3 foot depth contours for the entirety of the Chesapeake Bay. This information is based on recent sonar surveys and extends up the rivers and creeks that enter into the Chesapeake. For the Potomac River, the information extends to Washington D.C. A sample can be viewed here.

A yearly membership to Angling Technologies costs only $14.99 and offers access to a wide variety of map information in a single location so anglers have multiple ways to view and understand the water they fish. Anglers on the Potomac can also view depth contours on multiple types of imagery, NOAA Charts, or with angler added fishing spots or structure locations. GPS coordinates are available on screen as well and information anglers add to the map can be exported for use in depth finders or GPS units. As an online service, anglers get instant access to any new information added to the map as well as any new features. The map is seamless across the United States as well so anglers can view any body of water with a single subscription making it a useful and cost effective tool for tournament research or planning trips.