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These Amazing Fish Sculptures Are Made Entirely of Sunglasses

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In one of the coolest things you’ll see today, Costa Sunglasses has released a trio of fish sculptures crafted from sunglass lenses. Let that sink in. These things are awesome!


But why do these strange, sunglass fish even exist?

It turns out, Costa is making the sunglass fish for kicks and for some good causes. This week’s release of a Bluefin Tuna, Bonefish and Steelhead join an original run that began in 2011. Some of those fish were subsequently donated to charity. A sunglass Marlin raised $10,000 for the Billfish Foundation, while a Tarpon sculpture was donated to the International Game Fishing Association Hall of Fame. A few of the originals make their home in the Costa HQ at Daytona Beach, Florida.

Check the video to see how they’re made.

Cool, huh? These fish are pretty big. According to Costa, the Bluefin contains more than 1,500 lenses; the Steelhead has 438; and the Bonefish uses 202. And all of those lenses come from glasses specifically designed to help catch that species of fish.

“The most challenging and interesting part in building these fish sculptures is that we were working with materials (the sunglasses) that are made to be wiped clean and not hold dirt or smudges,” said Mark Borow, owner of McConnell & Borow, Inc./PropArt, the company who was contracted to build the fish. “We had to find adhesives that would work with the ‘stick repellency’ of the materials along with wiring that would hold, while not showing through in the finished product”

Costa has more photos of the fish and the original run on their Facebook page.