All CNC Baitcasting Reel Sending Waves Through The Industry

Bates Fishing Co. produces high-end fishing reels and has made their mark in the fishing industry with a highly coveted CNC milled aluminum low profile 150 reel frame.

All CNC Baitcasting Reel Sending Waves Through The Industry

Bates Fishing Co. produces high-end fishing reels and has made their mark in the fishing industry with a highly coveted CNC milled aluminum low profile 150 reel frame. Now they are taking their technological advancement to the highest level of detailed milling with a 5-ounce, 100-sized reel: The Hundo. In addition to the new size, is the introduction of a new cast control, the Matrix Braking System, which combines centrifugal and magnetic braking in a truly unique way.

The ICAST New Product Showcase entry was built to impress. Bates has redesigned and skinnied up their popular 150 frame, all unnecessary weight has been reduced by including a milled reel seat, milled reel handle, lightweight style spool and even a milled spool tension cap. The tiny but mighty Hundo cranks out 14 lbs of drag in 7.1:1 and 8.1:1 gear ratios. The company firmly touts this is not a wimpy finesse reel; put on braided line and pull on a ‘real one’.

Bates Hundo

Introducing the Bates Hundo—roughly twenty percent smaller, one hundo percent Bates with the same quality and craftsmanship their customers have raved about since the introduction of the CNC milled aluminum frame baitcasting reels.

The Hundo features a gunmetal grey anodized aluminum frame, fully CNC’d from 6061-T6 bar stock on our 9-axis machine. To be sure there’s no gimmicks or simple metallic coatings, they have left a few of the machine paths roughed into the frame displaying their pride in the unique production.

Beyond just a smaller, 100-sized frame, this reel boasts a new dual braking system, Matrix Braking System, along with a shallower spool so finesse fisherman can easily dial in lighter lines and lures. Inside are upgraded internal components including lighter aluminum gears and improved bearings. A combination of 10 HAC Stainless Steel bearings plus two high precision NMB ball bearings, and a one-way Stainless Steel ball bearing. If your target species or preferred rigging demands a lighter, but more fine-tuned machine, anglers will be impressed by the Hundo.


  • 100 sized frame
  • 7.1:1 & 8.1:1 Gear Ratios
  • CNC precision cut 6061-T6 bar stock aluminum one-piece-body
  • 10+2+1 bearings
  • 28” per crank line pickup (7.1:1) & 32” per crank line pickup (8.1:1)
  • Adjustable dual brakes
  • 88 mm aluminum crank arm
  • Gunmetal grey anodized anti-corrosion finish
  • Custom neoprene reel case
  • Built to last (no plastic toys here)
  • 14 lb drag
  • Weight 5 oz
  • Mono Line Capacity: 14 lbs / 100 yds, Braided Line Capacity: 30 lbs / 100 yds

MSRP: $375.00

A New Standard

An all CNC milled aluminum frame is the pinnacle of quality in reel manufacturing. Bates Fishing Co. is a disruptor in the fishing industry with its low-profile reels exclusively incorporating this manufacturing technology in the reel frame. The challenge for many reel manufacturers is producing reels with sharp angles and detailed path design needed for low profile reels. And in an interesting release of their Hundo, this company is introducing a new category of reel development moving towards a more complex, smaller reel frame elevating their own standard.

Each Bates Fishing Co. reel is milled from 6061-T6 aluminum which is used in aircraft parts and high technology components. This high-quality aluminum is known for its corrosion resistance, and milling from a billet piece of this aluminum ensures the metal’s purity. Bates Fishing Co. reels are built to endure harsh environments like saltwater in addition to torque produced when applying heavy drag.

These reels are built to outlast generations of angling. In comparison to other fishing reels using die-cast manufacturing, Bates reel frames will last 5-10 years in extreme corrosive environments while die-cast may last 6 months to 2 years in the same environment. Each reel is anodized to increase the protection of the aluminum and attract customers in store.


About Bates Fishing Co.

Bates Fishing Co. is a product of the same mind and lineage that gave way to Seaborn, a Texas company manufacturing some of the finest fly and inshore rod and reels on the market. Like Seaborn, Bates prides itself on quality craftsmanship and the highest degree of customer service the fishing industry has to offer.

We’ve pulled from generations of hard-working men and women. We’ve worked in every sector of business and public service. And we’ve drawn from every person and profession along the way to bring fishermen gear they can count on and genuine folks who stand behind that gear for the life of the customer.

Bates enters the fishing industry to change the way customers think about quality; bringing new production standards to crowded standardized market. We’re no bull, just Bates.