After 40 Years, Gill Unveils Investment in Root and Branch Business Revamp

Gill, the iconic British marine brand, today unveiled the latest stage in its ambitious five-year growth plan. Trusted for their technical fishing clothing for the past several years, Gill unveiled a new logo as well as an exciting new creative direction for its products, marketing collateral and website.

The company is investing heavily in reinvigorating all of its business processes by setting out a new instore and online retail look and feel to ensure that Gill remains at the forefront of product innovation and brand desirability. Alongside the business-wide changes, Gill is set to release their latest season (S119) range of garments.

This new approach is part of the brand’s five-year growth plan – the first phase of the plan started in early 2018 with the acquisition of Gill North America, the US distributor of 35 years. Whilst the new creative direction seeks to strengthen Gill’s current brand position within the fishing apparel market, the refresh is also designed to change perceptions and elevate the brand – to deliver growth with new shoppers and retailers as well as maintain their loyal fan base of fishing and marine consumers.

Jamie Tunniclife CEO said: “The brand refresh is part of our long-term strategy to grow the business. We’ve been working towards this new look for the last few years as it starts with product development which is two years ahead of product hitting retail. We’ve also made a significant investment in our digital presence, both creatively and through our ecommerce platform, to offer a better consumer shopping experience. “

“It’s simply about future-proofing our business in order to stay relevant, and more importantly desired.” Tunniclife continued.

Sally Streeting Global Head of Marketing added: “We want the best Pro’s and athletes in the world to be wearing our product, that’s imperative, but I’d also like to think my next-door neighbor would want to wear our clothing when they’re out on coastal walks or enjoying an active outdoor life. It’s not just about staying relevant to our loyal brand followers, but building trust with people outside of the marine market who may not have known about Gill before now.”

“From a marketing perspective everything is changing, this isn’t just a logo change but across the board – from how we look, to how we talk to our consumers. It’s a very different Gill to the one that’s gone before, one that is definitely much braver and bolder and why not, our product is better than ever so it deserves marketing support to match.”