AFTCO Unveils Saltwater Lures

The backbone of AFTCO fishing tackle has always been quality and performance. These characteristics have transcended into their all-new Blue Fever lure lineup. Many saltwater fishing lures on the market today focus on hitting a certain price point, which translates to cost-cutting and questionable quality. AFTCO set out to make saltwater lures that are ready to fish right out of the package, equipped with heavy-duty hooks, quality split rings, and superior construction that stands up to fish after fish. These lures are all designed to be easy to fish – simply cast and retrieve, and the lure will do all the work.

Blue Fever Swimmer

The Swimmer is a unique sub-surface bait that was designed to be super easy to fish. Just cast and retrieve and the lure does all the work. With its side-to-side swimming action and beautiful color options, all your favorite pelagic species won’t be able to resist. With two sizes to choose from, you can fish the smaller size for quantity and the larger size for quality. No need to switch out the rings or hooks – these baits are rigged to fish straight out of the box!

Available colors: Green Mac, Blue Mac, Sardine, Yellowfin, Chovie, Mint/White

115mm1 ½ oz / 43g$20.00
150mm3 ⅛ oz / 89g$22.00

More details: Blue Fever Swimmer

Blue Fever Digger

While your first thought might be to add the Digger to your trolling spread, it was designed as a cast and retrieve lure. Weighted perfectly for long-distance casts, sink it out to the desired depth and get cranking. The tight side-to-side action delivers strikes you’ll never forget. If the fish are being picky, working the Digger like a jerkbait will entice reaction bites. Built with oversized rings and 4x hooks.

Available colors: Green Mac, Blue Mac, Sardine, Yellowfin, Chovie, Purple/Black

115mm2 ⅝ oz / 77g$22.00
140mm3 ⅞ oz / 112g$25.00

More details: Blue Fever Digger

Blue Fever Jerkbait

Built to cast long distances, we increased the weight of the Jerkbait to the max without sacrificing action. With the magnetic weight transfer, the weight disengages and pushes towards the tail for better aerodynamics, allowing you to reach fish that are normally out of casting range. Once the lure hits the water, the weight reengages delivering proper balance for optimum action. Built with top-of-the-line hooks and split rings.

Available colors: Green Mac, Blue Mac, Sardine, Blue/Pink, Tiger/Perry, Chovie

140mm1 ½ oz / 43g$20.00
165mm2 oz / 58g$23.00

More details: Blue Fever Jerkbait

Blue Fever Crossbreed

Designed to catch on the fall and the retrieve, the Crossbreed will attract bites on the fall thanks to an erratic action. Since it’s weighted towards the center, the lure stabilizes during its descent going from fast to slow to fast again, all on the same drop. This pattern absolutely drives fish crazy. The straight retrieve technique elicits a swimming action. Built with oversized 4x trebles, it’s ready to fish straight out of the box and will catch fish after fish. Available in four sizes to match the hatch.

Available colors: Green Mac, Blue Mac, Sardine, Blue/Pink, Purple/Black, Chovie

85mm2 oz / 60g$14.00
90mm2 ¾ oz / 80g$15.00
100mm3 ½ oz / 100g$16.00
110mm4 ⅛ oz / 120g$17.00

More details: Blue Fever Crossbreed

Blue Fever Hybrid

The Hybrid is an updated design to the popular lead style jig. Utilizing ABS material to make the body, results in perfect edges. To enhance the action, custom weights were added inside the lure which not only helps with casting distance but also ensures it swims correctly. No need to swap out the treble hook as it’s built to hold up to fish after fish.

Available colors: Green Mac, Blue Mac, Sardine, Blue/Pink, Purple/Black, Chovie

95mm1 ¼ oz / 40g$21.00
125mm2 ⅞ oz / 85g$23.00

More details: Blue Fever Hybrid

On top of the overall lure designs and simple to use actions, AFTCO continues to make a concerted effort to pave the way for conservation and sustainability within the fishing industry. The Blue Fever lure packaging is constructed from recycled cardstock, eliminating the single-use plastic clamshell commonly found in most lure packaging. By removing the clamshell, AFTCO is reducing land-based sources of plastic pollution and decreasing carbon emissions.

Blue Fever lures will be available 2023.

Since 1958, AFTCO has focused on its independent retailer base and is currently family owned and operated. With many brands getting acquired by outside investors and losing sight of the core of our industry, AFTCO continues to be the gold standard as a retail partner. Please visit the link below if you would like information on becoming an AFTCO dealer in your area.