AFTCO reflects a legacy of firsts. From former chairman Milt Shedd’s pioneering fish conservation achievements to the invention of the roller guide and the introduction of the world’s first true fishing shorts, AFTCO has led the way for over 60 years. The legacy continues at ICAST 2019 with the debut of the Overboard Submersible Fishing Shorts. Overboard delivers innovation and ingenuity with an integrated waterproof submersible storage pocket that ensures your valuables stay safe. Now you can fish with confidence knowing that your phone, keys and other valuables are safely stowed away.

A skunkworks project for over two years, the AFTCO Product Development team was tasked with designing the most cutting-edge pair of fishing shorts to date.

Product Development Insights

“Our skunkworks department is where our passion projects take place, where standard timelines and guidelines don’t apply.  Last year, that project was our ICAST Award winning Hydronaut Waterproof System. This year, it’s the Overboard Shorts.  A lot went into these shorts. The waterproof submersible pocket construction alone took an entire season where we explored nearly every option for it. With testing multiple prototypes on the water to ensuring an ergonomic pocket placement, we’re ecstatic to finally bring the Overboard Shorts to life at this year’s ICAST.” – Dino Sakelliou, AFTCO’s Design Director.

“Projects like these are the fun ones. Slapping a waterproof pouch on a pair of shorts is relatively easy. What isn’t easy is integrating a waterproof pouch that is wearable, stylish, and functional – a product that we can confidently put the AFTCO name on. Waterproof pouches are heavy and awkward, so a lot of time went into keeping the pouch off your skin while also providing easy access. The only way to do that is with time, testing, and pooling together talented apparel minds from a diverse set of backgrounds. I’m proud to be a part of that team and process.” – Abe Burciaga, AFTCO’s Sourcing & Development Manager.

Pro Team Chatter

“The Overboard shorts check all the boxes and then some with the added assurance that my phone is safe when weather rolls through. Can’t wait to put these to work in Key West and abroad during filming!” – Capt. Rush Maltz
“It has the AFTCO name on it so you know you can rely on it. We deal with a lot of rain throughout the year and now I don’t need to stash my gear. I can even jump in the water to land a fish without a worry.”- Scott Martin

See Overboard at ICAST 2019

Overboard will be featured in the ICAST New Product Showcase in the Warm Weather Technical Apparel category. You can also visit AFTCO at booth #4826 for a technical demo. To inquire about a media kit, please email [email protected] or stop by the booth.