AFTCO Film Release: “In Pursuit of Perfection”

SANTA ANA, CA – Ryan Griffin isn’t just a fisherman, he’s also a captain, a chef, a conservationist, and craftsman—aspiring to not only reach the pinnacle of each new venture but somehow forge new heights beyond it. This short film will give you an inside look at how Ryan catches, fillets and prepares fish utilizing some of his most popular recipes.

Ryan Griffin (@pacfighter) will be the first to admit that pursuing perfection has never been about the attainable but pushing oneself to strive for greater success and purpose. It means committing oneself to the notion that a captain is only as well-managed as his boat, an angler as dialed as his tackle, and a chef as organized as his mise en place.

To do so demands excellence—in the pursuit of any fish, in any water, every time.