Advanced Ice Reel Receives Hot-Handed Ovation

Ice fishing with a fly reel? It actually makes sense to me and I’m shocked more people don’t use their summer gear on the ice. I realize that your standard fly reel isn’t going to cut it, so check out this new innovation from Frabill.

Jackson, Wis. – Last year Frabill rocked the ice with the introduction of the Straight Line combo. Extracted from the panfish-addled brain of Brian “Bro” Brosdahl and Frabill R&D, at first the combo’s design left quite a few ice anglers scratching their heads.

But, for the ice intelligentsia it was only a refinement of what they had cobbled together over the years to remedy tight-lipped and picky-eating panfish bites (and non-bites). It’s no secret that diehards across the ice belt were already hip to the many benefits of fishing fly reels on ice sticks—the virtual elimination of line twist, no unnatural lure spinning, less hassle and a form-fit in the cupped palm that increases sensitivity.

But in-the-know ice-heads hadn’t done it with the precision, balance and performance that Frabill delivered the ice everyman in the Straight Line series . . . and anglers took notice in a big way. Retailers had a hard time keeping the combos in stock.

Now hold on to your bibs, ‘cause Bro and Frabill are back for the attack. From a bar napkin sketch to baitshop shelves, enter the Straight Line 241 Reel, available as part of the Straight Line 241 Bro Series Combo or by itself, allowing anglers customization on their favorite sticks.

It’s like the stealth fighter of ice set to an AC/DC soundtrack. Back in black, this lightweight winch will take a pounding and still perform, slab after slab. And while it’s rock ‘n’ roll (Bro wouldn’t have it any other way), it’s definitely not metal. An all-new composite design allows easy glove-less reel cupping without the icy palms and fingers. Line falls dead straight off the spool like a good winch, and the 2.4:1 reel ratio and super smooth drag ensure quickly putting that bait back in front of fish-faces—and once hooked they stay hooked. An oversized reel handle allows anglers with meathook fingers (or gloves) easy operation. Got cold? No worries—the 241 is suffused with Frabill’s Sub-Zero® for Swiss watch performance even in the coldest people-only-dogsled-here conditions.

“This reel is gonna put on the crush,” says co-designer Brian “Bro” Brosdahl. “Frabill and I challenged each other to re-think the Straight Line and we went into hyperdrive. It’s definitely a glimpse into the future of ice fishing!”