Activist Angler Gear to Promote Recreational Angler Access and Fishery Conservation

Well-known conservation writer Robert Montgomery–who won the nation’s top outdoors writing award two years ago–is now marketing a line of shirts, caps, and other gear under the “Activist Angler” logo, with a portion of the profits used to promote and protect recreational fishing.

“From the day that I added the logo of a clinched fist holding a fishing rod on my website, I’ve had readers asking if they can buy shirts and caps,” said Robert Montgomery, founder of the site.

“The design was created by my good friend, Teeg Stouffer, at Recycled Fish and he did a great job of capturing the intent of my mission at Activist Angler. I can see why people like the image.”

Montgomery also said that T.J. Stallings, director of marketing for TTI Blakemore, was the first to join the ranks of anglers eager to promote the cause.

“I’d like this to be the first step in starting an Activist Angler fund that will help finance stewardship and fisheries conservation projects,” he added.

Also a Senior Writer at B.A.S.S., Montgomery started Activist Angler in early 2011. “I wanted to continue the work that I started at ESPN Outdoors,” he said.

In a series of articles that ran there, he revealed the threat that the National Ocean Policy poses to public access to public waters, creating a firestorm of controversy in the process.

“I’m still writing about that threat at Activist Angler,” Montgomery continued. “I’m also writing about the dangers to fisheries posed by invasive aquatic species and pollution, as well as just about anything else that relates to the sport that I love.”

“I also post some how-to information, including excerpts from my book, Better Bass Fishing, and mix in humor and a series of essays entitled ‘Why We Fish’ from time to time.”

Activist Angler gear can be purchased through the main website at