ACC Crappie Stix Honored With Pitman Creek Commitment To Excellence Award

ACC Crappie Stix’s commitment to producing a quality crappie rod continues to be recognized.

While emerging as a major player in the crappie rod market over the last 10 years, ACC has more than filled the needs of crappie fishermen, developing quality but affordable rods for any type of technique. New models appear in the lineup of the distinctive green rods on a regular basis, and sales continue to flourish.

The overall quality of the ACC brand has not gone unnoticed in the fishing industry. At the recent Pitman Creek Wholesale fall show, ACC Crappie Stix won the Commitment to Excellence Award. The show was held Oct. 15-16 in Sevierville, TN.

“We were blown away in receiving the award, truly honored,” ACC owner Andy Lehman said. “We’ve only been with Pitman Creek about 14 months but have developed a very strong working relationship with them.

“Some might think you just put the rods in people’s hands, and the sales just happen. But we place a premium on following up with the dealers, providing marketing strategies, and offering support in any way that we can. The relationship with Pitman Creek allows us to do all these things.”

ACC began as a fledgling company in 2014 in Mount Vernon, IL. In 2022, Lehman moved the business to Maryville, TN. Lehman oversees all facets of the operation with on-site support from customer service and logistics employee Hayden Brown. Chief Marketing Officer Mitch Fese directs the company’s marketing and sales strategies from his home in Columbus, OH. All represented ACC at the Pitman Creek fall show.

James Coffey, Pitman Creek President, appreciates the working relationship forged over the last year-plus.

“Andy, Mitch, and the team at ACC Crappie Stix exemplify everything we look for in a vendor,” Coffey said. “This award is multi-faceted in that a vendor must be timely with information flow, supportive of sales through distribution, quick replenishment shipping, and maintain sufficient inventory so that both Pitman Creek and the vendor maximize fill rates out to dealers.

“ACC Crappie Stix more than checked every one of these boxes; they blew the metrics away! ACC Crappie Stix is truly deserving of the Commitment to Excellence Award.”

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