Who Are We?

Fishing Tackle Retailer FTR is a 35-year old business-to-business publication serving fishing tackle retailers, wholesalers and manufacturers in the United States. We are the acknowledged voice of the sport fishing industry. Verified by circulation audit, FTR is received and read by at least 95% of all retail and wholesale buyers of fishing equipment in the country. Over 12,000 independently owned tackle stores and approximately 20,000 affiliated chain outlets rely on FTR to keep them current on the industry. Editorially, FTR is tightly focused on topics that help retail store owners and their sales associates make informed decisions, resulting in selling more fishing equipment to anglers.

Regular topics include market data and trends, new product information, sales training, marketing, merchandising, and business operations. What differentiates FTR is its unwavering commitment to the needs of sales associates at retail outlets, for they are the only daily, face to face contact with the huge army of anglers that number in the tens of millions. FTR proudly serves as the “Hotline to the Pipeline” for the sport fishing industry.