A Record Worth Breaking

I’ve read that records are meant to be broken, and I guess that’s true. Why else would we keep track of them?

One record that’s in jeopardy today is the world record for most fish caught in a 24-hour period. The current record is 2,172 and it was set by my friend Jeff Kolodzinski a year ago. In setting the record, he broke his own mark of 2,143. He’ll be fishing at Sankoty Kales Resort & Retreat in Spring Bay, Illinois.

If you don’t know “Kolo,” you are far the worse for it. He’s the Fishing Brand Manager for Johnson Outdoors and is accustomed to breaking records — like his mark for fish caught. He’s also helped his employer to nine ICAST Best of Category awards in the past 10 years, which is also probably a record. And my money’s on Kolo for most energy on an ICAST show floor … but he won’t stand still long enough for the monitors to be hooked up.

But lest you think Kolo is doing all this record breaking for personal glory and the angling spotlight, he’s not. He has two purposes in mind that are far more lofty and noble.

For one, he’s bringing attention to our sport and showing many that they can enjoy fishing without spending a lot of money or taking years to learn the nuances of fish behavior. As he takes on this challenge beginning at 9:00 a.m. CT, he’ll use a 10-foot pole, about 10 feet of fluorocarbon line, a tiny hook and some maggots for bait — the sort of tackle that just about anyone can handle.

For another, he’s doing it to raise money and awareness for Fishing for Life’s Next Gen Program. Fishing for Life is a charitable, non-profit organization that uses hands-on fishing events and mentoring programs to positively impact youth and families, including military families. It’s an admirable cause, and now is the perfect time to give.

The record that Kolo really hopes to break this year is his own Marathon Man record for money raised. He’s hoping to break the $20,000 mark, and he can do it with your help.

Fishing Tackle Retailer is proud to support Kolo’s Marathon Man effort. If you’d like to help, visit MarathonManFishing.com or his givergy page. Donations can also be made by texting “MM2020” to 888-646-0646.