A New Partnership Sparks Innovation in the Crappie Fishing Industry

Searcy, AR– Crappie Magnet has teamed up with Eye Hole Jig to bring revolutionary products to the crappie fishing world. Through this merger, Blake Phillips, the inventor of the Eye Hole Jig, and his wife, Resee Phillips, will gain the resources provided by Crappie Magnet to grow the brand. The invention of the Eye Hole Jig will live on as Crappie Magnet will now produce the products and promote them under the Eye Hole Jig brand name.

“We are very excited to add this innovative product to our lineup,” says Crappie Magnet owner, Jeff Smith. “We are hopeful that this partnership will allow this great brand to get the exposure it deserves.”

Over the years, Crappie Magnet has become well-known for several fish catching products that are highly effective and are proven to catch more crappie. The partnership between Crappie Magnet and Eye Hole Jig seeks to provide anglers with the best of both brands by continuing to build upon the legacy each company has established in the fishing industry.

In its original conception, the Eye Hole Jig featured a hollow eye space specifically designed to hold a crappie niblet scent attractant. Recently, there have been exciting new changes made to the product that will not only improve its performance but take it to the next level. In addition to the same must-have hooks, anglers can expect an increased jig size, more consistency in the jig head’s paint finish, and a larger eye hole in the patent-pending Eye Hole Jig.

“We are excited to join with Crappie Magnet to create a higher end product with new double-cross barbs,” says Blake Phillips. “We are looking forward to making this product available to a larger market.”

With its unique design and proven results, it comes as no surprise that there is an increasing demand for the Eye Hole Jig. Production is currently underway for Eye Hole Jig products, which will be on the market in March of 2023. Through this partnership, both brands are committed to bringing excellence through innovation in the future.

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