A New Era of Crappie and Panfish Baits

Ladson, SC – Run a search for ‘new panfish baits’ and you quickly realize the internet could stand to rethink its definition of new. Blame Wikipedia. Or Virgil Ward (j/k) Either way, appearing on screen are a whole lot of old feathered jigs, rubber tube baits and twistertail grubs—not to mention the odd antique inline spinner. All proven crappie and panfish baits, no doubt.

If we’re being honest, though, panfish anglers (over 8-million strong) deserve to benefit from the same level of lure innovation as their bass-brethren. For too many seasons, fans of ‘those other fish’ have merely resorted to the same old stuff tied to the end of their line.

This season, everything for crappie, panfish and finesse fans changes for the better as Z-Man delivers a new standard in downsized softbaits, each built with exclusive 10X Tough ElaZtech®. Imagine all the rewards of a Ned rig or other favorite finesse bait in a compact package for crappies, bluegills, bream, perch, trout and yes, bass aplenty.

Set to go live at ICAST 2022, new Z-Man Micro Finesse™ BaitZ provide abundant advantages for panfish fans:

Super Soft – Micro Finesse Baits offer the malleability and amped-up underwater movement of a hand-poured softbait.

10X Tough – Durable ElaZtech yields the highest fish-per-bait ratio available. A single Micro Finesse bait can last dozens to hundreds of fish.

Natural Buoyancy – Micro Finesse baits hover in a lifelike horizontal posture. On bottom, baits pivot and rise tail-up, remaining active and “alive” at all times.

Watch for the full reveal of five new Micro Finesse bait profiles and matching Micro Finesse ShroomZ™ Jigheads, just before ICAST.

Come experience Z-Man’s Micro Finesse BaitZ firsthand at ICAST’s On the Water event— Tuesday, July 19. Or, swing by and see us at ICAST booth #5130 for a first look at this category defining series of soft, durable, ever-lively panfish baits.