A More Tactical Approach to Sinkers

Discerning anglers know that, just as different situations call for different bait, they can also call for different sinkers. A fresh shad spawn might call for a shiny weight to catch a fish’s eye, but what’s an angler to do when the fish are pressured? If last year’s spike in fishing license sales taught us anything, it’s that smarter tactics are needed to catch fish on high-traffic lakes and rivers. In 2017, Bullet Weights® brought a new innovation to the market with their Tactical Black tungsten line of weights. Now in 2021, Bullet Weights is again adding to the world of matte black weights with a new drop shot sinker in the tried-and-true Tactical Black lineup that started it all.

These matte black weights are designed to keep the focus on the bait, not your weight. This more subtle approach has helped many anglers coax in even the wariest bass. Highly durable, the finish on these weights won’t chip or scratch off either. So, unless you lose it at the bottom of the lake, this weight can stay in action almost indefinitely. 

Pro angler Jeremy Lawyer helped develop and test Bullet Weights Tactical Black weights back in 2017, and now he says they’re an indispensable staple in his tackle box.

“We actually came up with the idea for Tactical Black sinkers by accident,” said Lawyer. “We had a sinker that had some staining on it, so we tried burning the finish and it turned into this great matte black color. So we talked with Joe [Crumrine] over at Bullet Weights and his guys really perfected the concept from there. They dialed in the perfect temperature and cooling time to produce that dark, durable finish and really took it to the next level.” 

Besides the bulletproof finish, the Tactical Black line offers all the benefits of tungsten. Denser than traditional lead weights, Tactical Black tungsten weights offer a more compact profile and increased sensitivity. 

“When we go to a popular lake with pressure on the fish, I need to get more and more subtle with my approach,” said Lawyer. “The Tactical Black doesn’t give off any flash, and it’s especially effective on small mouth up north. Before they were always biting my sinker, so I switched to the Tactical Black drop shot and suddenly they were 100 percent focused on my bait instead.”

Tactical Black tungsten weights come in a variety of models and weights for different situations. Tactical Black tungsten drop shot is the newest addition to the lineup and is available in both finesse and tear drop shapes with 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8 and 1/2 oz sizes. Tactical Black tungsten also comes in bullet weight and flipping weight designs in a variety of sizes ranging from 1/16 o. to 1 oz.

In a world where more and more folks are hitting the lake and putting pressure on fish, veteran anglers might need to get a little more tactical with their approach this season. “If I had to choose just one sinker for my kit, it would be Tactical Black tungsten,” said Lawyer. “It just works.”

To learn more about Bullet Weights and their Tactical Black tungsten offerings, check out Bulletweights.com.