A Big Surprise in a Small Package

Cypress, CA – One of the most bass-appealing super-shallow running crankbaits ever designed is the brainchild of Ever Green’s Japanese bait designer and big bass fanatic, Morizo Shimizu. With a target running range of less than one-foot, it’s the perfect bait to mimic forage running just below or breaking the surface.

A floating crankbait, the diminutive 2 ¼-inch, 7/16-ounce crankbait dives just below the water surface to bring aggressive reaction bites from bass feeding near or on the water’s surface.

The problem with small crankbaits, though, especially when fished on baitcasting gear is casting distance. No issues here. The Ever Green CH-1 features a rattle room at the end of its body filled with both tungsten and stainless-steel balls, allowing remarkable casting distance to cover wide, watery expanses, especially flats and open water.

The dive curve is less than one-foot at a normal retrieve, but the angler can adjust the running depth with the angle of the rod and retrieve speed to attract fish that stay just below—and feed—on the water’s surface.

For those already hip to the benefits of the Ever Green CH-1 crankbait, they already know it’s a. real fish-catcher. The secret behind the bait is its quick response upon retrieving and a powerful action whether fished fast or slow. Due to the circuit board design and fixed weight at a low center of gravity, the CH-1 responds quickly upon contact with the water. The action and the rattle attract fish from an extensive area. Even at low speed, the CH-1 takes firm hold of the water with action and during high-speed retrieval it does not break the water so the angler can use it stress free without problems with how the bait is running or fouling.

A mixture of tungsten and stainless-steel, the weight transfer system offers a complex, low-pitched sound that is appealing to big bass on waters around the globe. It also produces a unique and powerful high-pitched wobble that has proven irresistible.

The CH-1’s wide grip and wide action helps avoid cover. Even after contact with wood or vegetation it recovers quickly and keys in on the strike zone.



  • Floating crankbait
  • Weight: 7/16 ounce (12.5 grams)
  • Length: 2 ¼ inches (58mm)
  • Diving curve: 0-1 feet
  • Hook size: Front #5; Rear: #6

Daiwa Senior Marketing Manager, Marc Mills, comments, “This bait has some strong Japanese design heritage and has proven itself on the most difficult clear bass waters in the world. It’s going to be perfect for anglers fishing shallow waters and cover as well as anywhere there’s bait breaking, and bass are grouped up on the feed. And now with the new colors there’s an option for every situation, everywhere.”

Looking for that perfect shallow-running crankbait? You better give the Ever Green CH-1 a shot—and don’t skip on the colors, either—bass feed on a lot of different prey, so it’s best to have baits on hand that match all of the possible forage!

Available November 2022. MSRP $15.95.

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