A Big Bunch of Passionate “Fish-Heads” Drive the Success of Wired2fish.com

A zeal for fishing, constantly seeking knowledge, and giving back to the fishing community … that’s the secret sauce in Wired2fish. The crew at Wired2fish’s significant dedication to both anglers everywhere and their fishing industry partners is apparent when talking to them. The folks behind the scenes take their passion for angling and knowledge-seeking to an extreme level, allowing the company to enjoy a constant uptick of growth and a following of millions of engaged anglers.

We’ve watched Wired2fish continually evolve over the years, due in large part to their DNA.

“The DNA of Wired2fish is the team,” said Todd Hammill, CEO of Wired2fish. “These guys put their heart and soul into sharing what they know through experience on the water and learn from other anglers to help more people catch fish.”

Here’s a little more about a few of the people behind the scenes at Wired2fish.

Terry Brown, President / Head of Sales

With a BS in Radio/Television from Illinois State University, Terry Brown’s dedication to Wired2fish is clear. This is the keystone of success at Wired2fish—individuals that apply their passion to fishing and live it. 

“This isn’t a job; it’s my life,” Brown said. “We are a company that sincerely cares about the people behind our partners’ brands and the people that are viewing what we produce. We hustle, stress, and strive every day to make sure that we get it right for our readers and viewers and our partners.”

Brown is known throughout the industry as the genuinely good guy in fishing. He has a genuine love for fishing, anglers, and the people in the fishing industry, which is why he is one of the best connectors in the fishing industry. He’s also the guy that the other guys at Wired2fish say you call when you need to know something about a fishing boat. “The dude can fix anything,” Sealock said.

Jason Sealock—COO/Publisher

“Fishing has been a lifetime of love for me,” Sealock said. “It tripped my trigger at a very early age fishing with my father all over the country.” 

Sealock’s father was in the Navy and later in the booming Nuclear Energy industry that had them moving around a lot during his childhood. Fishing was the one thing that seemed to remain constant and provided stability in a volatile childhood.

“I’ve always had a thirst for knowledge, and I wanted to combine my love of fishing with wanting to learn and share more about fishing from and with the masses,” Sealock said. “I love tinkering with fishing tackle, and I’ve been fortunate to help many fishing brands with their products to make them better for the angling community. One of my passions now is working with companies to develop better fishing tackle. I really crave the collaboration I have with several of our partners to help grow their businesses as well as our own.” 

Sealock is responsible for the overall content direction for Wired2fish. His background in IT and thousands of hours of testing and research, however, makes him one of the most knowledgeable people in the outdoors digital space when it comes to SEO, social media, building audiences, traffic funnels, affiliate programs, content strategies and marketing, clicks to retail and more.

Walker Smith—Managing Editor/Social Media

“The only thing I’ve ever been good at was fishing,” Smith said humbly. 

He started writing about fishing at 19. While his fishing is pretty good, his writing is even better. 

As a Managing Editor, Smith focuses daily on finding newsworthy content to share on social media as well as writing, shooting, and publishing weekly, comprehensive, how-to feature content and managing an editorial calendar with freelancers. He also tests and reviews fishing tackle, collaborates with clients, and shoots and edits high-resolution photography for more robust content creation. 

“I get to do what I love and share it with millions of other passionate anglers,” Smith said. 

“Being able to help people enjoy fishing as much as I do; I wouldn’t trade this for the world.”

Ryan DeChaine—Vice President, Video and Production

DeChaine declared himself a “fish-head” at a young age, and it certainly shows. After serving in Iraqi Freedom, he began his fishing industry career shooting for Lindner Media and FLW television shows as well as creating television tips for Wired2fish when it was a short-form television show. 

“We love to produce content in a cinematic style that anglers can not only learn from but also really enjoy watching,” DeChaine said. “There are two things that we hope to accomplish. First, we aggressively seek to produce content so inspiring and informative that it goes viral because it resonates with so many anglers. And we develop unique content productions for our partners that they love so much, they incorporate it into their own marketing materials. That’s where the real satisfaction and fun comes for me.”

“I’ve made so many wonderful friends in this industry trying to tell their story in a manner that helps them sell more product, and I could never be more grateful for the opportunity to serve the fishing community through Wired2fish.”

It’s not hard to see why Wired2fish has enjoyed success as a business. They’ve managed to assemble a powerhouse of fish-heads, accomplished and proficient in their roles, that take their passion for fishing and give it to the world.