7 Ideas to Improve Your Social Media Marketing

Social media is daunting. We have written many times about the multiple free outlets that are available to fishing tackle retailers and the benefits from using them. If you used each one to its fullest extent, you would have no time to run your store and deal with the customers that you attract.

So how can you make your social media marketing the most effective? Here are seven ways to make your social media more powerful and effective without devoting your life to it.

Create a Conversation
Most take a one-sided approach to social media. This is not only painful, but is also very ineffective. The more you send out about your store and different brands, the more you’re turning people off. Create conversations and reasons for your followers to do more than like or share a post. Remember to comment on comments and show that you are a person and have a personality.

Be Likeable
Everyone wants to hang out with the cool person, or the person they feel is the best fit for them. Be the person people want to meet and talk with and you will gain more followers. Even if you are the only tackle store for miles around you still need to have a pleasant personality or people will stock up on fishing supplies before they come to your area. People will also get their information from other sources if you are not that likeable on social media.

Showcase You
Whether you want to believe it or not, you and your store are tied together. Show photos and videos of you and your staff at work and play. Show off your fishing knowledge or great days on the water. Show your staff helping customers or working events, even stocking shelves with new products. Let your followers see a face to go with the postings you make.

Know Your Followers
Why are they following you or liking your posts? What do they want to learn or know about? What goals do they have: to be better anglers, get the best deals on fishing equipment, or gain local fishing knowledge? See what posts are viewed the most and liked the most and retweeted the most often. This is what your customers want to see the most of – give them what they want.

Showcase Your Followers
When someone posts a photo, video or just their thoughts, comment and like it. Show that you care about what they have posted and are willing to spread it to all of your followers. If you have local fishing bloggers or outdoor columnists in your area, repost some of their fishing content through your social media. If possible, positively comment on the story with your take on it. Be sure to always give them the credit for writing the piece and offer up your encouragement to write more great articles.

Understand Social Media Protocol
If by now you do not understand social media and how to use it properly, ask for help. Realize misuse of common terms and hashtags will make you and your postings unlikeable. You’ll be amazed by how many people who have read your postings for months and did little, will quickly gain a voice when you do something wrong. If you do something wrong, take ownership and ask for forgiveness and learn from your mistake.

It Isn’t About the Numbers
Too many businesses get hung up on social media numbers and lose sight of what really matters. If you have ten thousand followers who do nothing but like your Facebook page and never read your posts or comment on them, what good is having so many followers? Social media is about engagement and interaction, hence the social part. If your followers are extremely active and interact with you multiple times a week, no matter how few you have following that is something to brag about. You are doing something right, so keep it up. The number of followers will come – spend more time worrying about the conversations and the eventual conversions to making those followers into customers than you do about the number of people who like your page or follow your tweets.

Along with the number of followers you have, the other number many concentrate on is how many minutes or hours a day they spend on their social media. You can read every article about social media you can find and you will not find two that agree on the amount of time you need to spend on your social media daily. Some days there isn’t much going on, other days you can spend eight hours plugging away. Life and work isn’t always interesting – try to post at least one new thing every other day at a minimum. This can take just ten minutes, but once comments and conversations start though, take more time to let your voice be heard. Set aside time in the morning, around lunch and later in the day to check your social networks and keep them active. But remember, the real world is where you are making your money and this is where you need to spend the majority of your time.

What have you found works best for your social media marketing so far? Are there aspects that you still struggle with or tips you would like to learn? Voice your thoughts to us all on our Facebook page and in our LinkedIn group.