7 Ways to Enhance Your Store’s Online Presence

With this being coined the digital era, more and more companies and small businesses are relying on their digital presence to attract new customers and keep their current customers informed and shopping at their store. If you do not have an online store yet that customers can buy from directly and are relying on them to come in to your store, then your online presence is even more important.

There is an obvious lag and disconnect from someone seeing your website or social media postings and then coming in and buying from you. You need to do everything you can to insure that your store’s name is top-of-mind for them as the only source to buy from when they need fishing tackle.

Enhancing your digital presence with these 7 tips will help your customers think of you first when it comes to their tackle needs.

Play the Game
If your store has a site, then you need to realize how the digital game is played and play by its rules. Who makes the rules? Currently Google is the controlling power of digital success for websites. Over eighty percent of all web searches are performed on Google. This means that you need to be sure your site is optimized to be on the first page of a Google search. If it is not, you are missing out and so will your customers. The first page results on Google average 94% of all clicks; the second page averages just 6%. It pays to be on the first page, and any and all resources you can pour into your site to be on that first page are worth it.

Write Clearly
Most of us who read Fishing Tackle Retailer understand that a bucketmouth is a largemouth bass, but how many first-time anglers would understand that? Use terms that non-anglers will understand. Even though more and more of our English language is being shortened and condensed into #hashtags and twitter/texting slang, it still is important that you write clearly and use proper punctuation on your site. Have a second or a third person edit your site’s postings to ensure everything is written clearly and correctly.

Educate and Inform
As important as having a list of product lines you carry in your store, is a source for anglers to see how to use them. Casting a baitcaster may seem like second nature to many, but to a new angler it can be scary and frustrating. Tying the various number of knots is just as mindboggling to newbies.

You can counter these dilemmas by creating a tips and tricks or a how-to section on your site. If you can, create your own YouTube site and create videos showcasing how to use various reels, tie knots, work a lure or just clean a fish. If time or lack of ability keep you from creating your own videos or writing how-to pieces, gather YouTube videos and articles that you feel are correct and accurate and repost them on your site. Being a source of knowledge for customers will show your dedication to promoting the sport and that your store is willing and able to work with inexperienced anglers and they shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions to you or your staff.

Showcase Your Mentions
If any writers, bloggers, newspaper or magazine writers are kind enough to mention you, any of your employees or your store in one of their articles, be sure to showcase it on your site. Be proud of the mention, it was and is free advertising for you. It also shows that your store is very credible and a leader in the fishing tackle industry.

Customer Testimonials
If a customer sends you a testimonial, or if they post a nice response on your social media sites, showcase it on your store website as well. The more testimonials you receive the better. Customers and new customers trust what others have to say; use the power of what they have written to your advantage.

Be Proud of Your Awards
No matter what awards your store has received, be they local small business association awards, sponsorship awards for local teams, or even sales awards from your suppliers, showcase them on your site. Yes, it is bragging, but it also shows your store is strong in the community and is being run properly. People love shopping at stores they know are going to be around for years to come, and stores that win awards generally are here to stay.

Make It Easy
If your store’s site is coming up high in Google searches and visitors are on your site, make it easy for them to find what they are looking for on your site. Having the various sections properly labeled and easy to find should be a basic on every site, but it isn’t.

The same can be said about finding your store’s social media sites. Have a link to your Facebook Page, your Google+ page, your Twitter account and every other social media account you are using. Have the logos linked to your pages; people are more likely to click on a logo than they are text in a paragraph. Make it easy for them to find you, and they will follow you.

What are you doing to enhance your online presence? The more you work with your site the more it will work for you. What questions do you have, or suggestions can you share with your fellow fishing tackle retailers on making their websites work for them? Share your thoughts with us all on our Facebook page or in our LinkedIn group.