7 Apps Every Retailer Needs

Apps have taken over the digital world, and just like your customers, you too should be using them to improve your business’ life. With there being so many great apps floating around, we took the time to break down the seven for fishing tackle retailers and how you can use them every day in your store.

HooteSuite is a great app and website for every business owner who is serious about staying connected with social media, no matter where you are. HooteSuite also allows you to schedule messages to be delivered through the various social media platforms you use. You could, if you wanted, schedule an entire week’s worth of social messages and what time and date you want them go out each morning. The best part of HooteSuite is that for many uses, it is free.

Good ideas, thoughts, to-do lists always seem to either come at the wrong time or the paper they were written down on gets lost. Evernote alleviates this issue with their handy app. No matter where you are or what device you have in front of you, you can instantly jot down what you are thinking on a new note in this app. The app can be downloaded to multiple devices and once you sign in all of your notes are there in front of you in an organized manner. You could see something new at a trade show and make a note to look into it more once you return home. Then grab your tablet once you’re home, pull up your notes in Evernote and be instantly reminded of that new product. Evernote is also free, and an invaluable tool for busy on-the-go retailers.

We all have lists of things we need to do, and if you’re a busy store owner, one or two may slip by without you remembering. For those of you who delegate certain tasks to certain people, you still need to remember who is to do what and by when. HiTask is a fun app that is more than a calendar of events or must-dos. It organizes your work life, and your personal life if needed, into singular events, recurring events and also breaks out who is assigned what goal and when it is to be done. Unlike an unruly calendar, HiTask offers a smart grouping feature that lets you group tasks by day, week, person-assigned or by job. With this app you can quickly and easily keep track of what everyone is supposed to be doing and who is to do it.

Like most small business owners, you have files on your computer that you may also need at home, and there are always ads that need to be approved or sent to a designer. Most email systems do not handle large files, and doesn’t it seem like you always forget one file at the store that you need at home? With Dropbox that is no longer a problem. Upload your files to Dropbox, segment them off into separate folders and then share just one folder or all of them with whomever you like or need to. It will help organize your files and ensure you always have what you need accessible. You just need to remember to upload the files to Dropbox first.

No matter where you are, it seems that someone in another location needs your signature right away. Faxing, emailing or printing out a document, signing it, then rescanning it or faxing it back isn’t an easy solution. With SignNow that dilemma is over. You can quickly and easily sign any legal document or purchase agreement that is emailed to you and needs to be returned quickly. There is also an option to keep your signature on file within the app to ensure that you’re able to sign anywhere you have a connection with a smart device.

No matter how much or little you travel, you incur expenses for your business. With this app you can quickly and easily manage these expenses and ensure you don’t lose that one receipt from two weeks ago. Expensify also helps you then create expense reports when you do travel for a trade show or to a consumer show.

If you sell goods outside of your store such as a show or a local event, Square will help you process the payments. Square allows you to just swipe a credit card and accept the payment. There is a fee to use this service, but if you sell often enough outside of your store it will pay for itself.

These are just seven apps that will make your life and your business better in the coming year. Take the time to look at each one and see what other apps there may be out there to help your business. What apps are you using today to streamline your business? Share your favorite apps with us all on our Facebook page or in our LinkedIn group.