5 Trends of Social Media You Never Knew

Social media is where everyone is, right? Do you know some shocking trends that have changed in social media, some just this year? Here is a list of five social media trends and how you can use them to your advantage when planning your social media marketing strategy.

It’s a Social Thing
Americans are using social media more now than ever before. This shouldn’t shock anyone though. The fact that 22% of Americans use social media multiple times a day to get updated on the latest news or events is shocking. How many things do you do in your life multiple times a day because you want to?

With 12 million Americans checking their social media sites multiple times a day, that means your posts are more likely to be seen now than ever before, but only if you make your posts stand out in the crowd.

It’s Addictive
Facebook seems to be the most addictive social media site, with 23% of Americans owning up to checking their account five or more times a day. How many people refused to admit to being addicted to Facebook but really are? This equates to people checking in about once every two hours or so throughout the day. The average number of times people check into their Facebook account is four.

On the Go
Mobile usage of social media is up and will continue to grow as more and more of our society purchases smart phones. It is reported that 54% of Facebook users log onto their account from their smartphone or mobile device. Interestingly, 33% of Facebook users report using their phone as their primary way of checking in on their account.

Influenced by Facebook
It is reported by Facebook users that 47% of them were influenced by the social media site when they made a purchase. By comparison, in 2011 only 24% claimed social media had any influence on their purchasing decisions. This means that more people are relying not only on what others think of products, but are finding more information on products to purchase through social media. Facebook is the leading social media site for this influence; Twitter users claimed only a 5% influence for their purchases.

It’s Not Just Kids
This year the numbers report that over half of Americans in the 45-54 age group have a profile on a social media site; the 55+ age group reported to have over a third of them with a profile as well. If you want younger, consider that the two groups ages 25-34 and 35-44 report that 68% and 65% respectively, have social media profiles. Aren’t these the age groups that make up most of your customers?

These five trends show not only the growing trend that social media is having, but proof that your customers are on social media as well. If you still do not have a Facebook page for your business it is time to get one and to keep it active.

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