5 Tips for Your Holiday Social Media Campaigns

With the holidays getting closer every week, you too are surely streamlining your plans for this year. Social media has become a staple of the holidays just like the recycled holiday cartoons of our youth that the television stations continue to run. Unlike the classic holiday specials many of us look forward to seeing each year, your social media plan needs to be updated and revised.

Share the Spirit
No matter your religion or outlook on the holidays, it is one time of the year that the majority of the world embraces as a special time of celebration and gift giving. As a retailer you too need to embrace this time if for no other reason than the chance for you to make your sales soar. Your social media messaging needs to reflect the spirit of the season and even the look if possible. Share images of your store decorated for the holidays, showcase pictures of your staff decorating, stocking shelves and enjoying their work. Let your messaging, either through written posts or photographs show how your store is celebrating the holidays and welcoming shoppers who are as well.

Don’t Regift
When you look back on what messages and posts worked well for you last year, the temptation is to just regift them again this year and expect the same results. Before you do that, question why they worked, and why others did not. You may have gotten lucky and sent the wrong message at the right time and just lucked into a high return rate, or you could have sent the right message at the wrong time and received no response. Sit down and look at your response rate and determine what worked and why, and why others did not. Was it what you said, what you offered or more when you posted?

Keep track of the successes and failures and you will get a better idea of what your customers are interested in. You will also see a better return this year on your social media campaigns by sending the correct message at the right time.

Create a Budget
Just like making sure you have enough money to buy gifts for everyone on your list, you also need to ensure you have enough time to keep your social media campaigns running smoothly during the holidays. Using third-party software like Hootsuite will help you deliver messages throughout the day. Do not rely solely on this though, because you will need to post when new shipments arrive or you are almost sold out of certain items. Budget time throughout the day to interact with your followers and answer any questions they may have. Remember, the biggest part of social media is the social aspect of it. Interact and remind them you are a person and are ready to help them get gifts for everyone on their list, especially fishing items.

Budgeting a half hour multiple times a day will help alleviate the workload associated with social media. If you can, sit down three times a day and go over your social media campaign. What posts are people sharing, liking and commenting on? What posts are they ignoring, and why? You need to take a break and while you are still technically working, you have a good excuse to sit down for a few minutes while you keep your campaigns running smoothly. Remember to budget the time for them and you should see a great return.

Be Consistent
As with any social media campaign, no matter when you run it, you need to keep a consistent message and tone. Even though you too may be feeling the stress of the holiday shopping frenzy, your messages cannot convey this. Let shoppers know that you are busy and more than capable of handling the business. Consistent messaging will also alleviate some of the confusion that could occur. Holiday shoppers already have enough on their minds; deciphering a social media post should not be one of them. By having the same person continue to post throughout the holiday season, they will recognize the voice and know what your posts are really saying.

Be Friend-ly
Social media users are reporting that they are over two-thirds more likely to purchase from referrals on social media than they are from a store they know little about. By having your followers share and like your posts you are getting free exposure to their friend list as well. Even if a friend of a follower comes in and buys just one lure from you, you have at least started a relationship with them that you can cultivate. Write as many posts as you can that suggest your followers should like them and comment on them and share them. The more work your followers do for you, the better your holiday campaign will be.

Here are just five basic tips for you to think of as you plan your holiday social media campaigns this year. These tips should be incorporated into every campaign you create, but especially at this time of the year. Holiday advertising budgets never seem to be big enough, but with a proper social media campaign you can stretch those dollars even further.

What are you planning for this holiday season with your social media campaigns? Are you planning on giveaways or special incentives to your followers? Share your ideas with us all on our Facebook page and in our LinkedIn group.