5-inch Z-Man DoormatadorZ Now Available

LADSON, SC – Fresh from Z-Man ovens, packs of the 5-inch DoormatadorZ have just landed at your favorite fishing tackle shop. With plenty of days left on summer and fall fishing calendars—including exciting Northeast flounder/fluke seasons—the time to tie on the versatile, heavily Pro-Cure infused grub has arrived.

“Beyond its natural buoyancy and other fish-centric qualities, the durability and efficiency of the ElaZtech DoormatadorZ is a pretty big deal,” says Z-Man sales manager Glenn Young. “When you’re all the way down in 80 to 100 feet of water, surrounded by razor-toothed gamefish, the DoormatadorZ gives you the confidence the bait’s tail hasn’t been chomped off. That kind of assurance is a major time saver that means a lot more fish in the boat.

“With traditional soft plastics, you never know when you’ll reel up and find your bait’s tail missing because some little nuisance fish with teeth just took you out of the game. The DoormatadorZ’ tail is soft and lively, yet withstands those incisor-slashes that instantly ruin other baits.

Slightly downsized from its original 6-inch curly tail profile, last year, the big DoormatadorZ quickly became one of the most sought-after softbaits in the Northeast. By popular demand, Z-Man unveiled a slightly smaller scented curly tail, offering greater versatility and even more fish appeal across the full spectrum of species. The 5-inch DoormatadorZ gives anglers a go-to bait for ‘doormat’ flounder, whopper stripers, black sea bass and other big, mean fish attracted to the alluring action of a twister tail—in other words, every fish you’ve ever wanted to catch.

Unlike traditional soft plastics, Z-Man’s 5-inch DoormatadorZ™ grub is composed of 10X Tough ElaZtech®. Each remarkable DoormatadorZ bait offers valuable combinations of durability, softness and active energy. The slightly porous structure of ElaZtech also makes it the perfect carrier of oil-based scents and flavors that entice fish to bite and hold on tight. Each bag of DoormatadorZ is imbued with 100-percent natural Pro-Cure Flounder Pounder Super Gel, boosting the bait’s natural appeal. The most proven, potent fish attractants ever made, Pro-Cure’s flounder formula is made from fresh bait species, supercharged with powerful amino acids and bite stimulants.

“By its nature, ElaZtech is the perfect carrier of oil-based attractants, such as Pro-Cure,” notes Young. “While you’re forced to constantly reapply scent to traditional PVC soft plastics, ElaZtech baits such as the DoormatadorZ soak up oil-based scents like a sponge. Pro-Cure penetrates the bait’s body and sticks. Even after a ton of casts and time in the water, you can still see, feel and smell the scent on the bait.

“When the scent finally does start to wear off, you can stick the bait back into the bag—or add additional drops of Pro-Cure—to recharge it. Unlike other soft plastics, ElaZtech will reabsorb the scent repeatedly. That’s a huge deal in saltwater or really, any fishing situation in which flavor and scent play roles in bite attraction.”

Although the DoormatadorZ has gained its fish-catching reputation among veteran flounder fans, its actual applications range from the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic, south to the Gulf of Mexico and all the way to the West Coast. “We’ve talked to anglers who are loving the DoormatadorZ for Pacific rockfish, halibut and lingcod,” adds Young. “The bait’s also a natural for tipping bucktails and jigging big redfish, cobia and grouper—plus snapper down south. As most anglers know, a curly tail grub is among the most versatile and desirable bait shapes ever made—and this one takes things several steps beyond.”

Built to pulse and thump at all speeds, the 5-inch DoormatadorZ matches the back of a bucktail or plain jig as well as your favorite bottom or double rigs. Once again proving ElaZtech’s seemingly supernatural powers, the DoormatadorZ’ buoyancy keeps the bait and its active tail aloft, presenting a highly visible strike target to more fish, near and far.

Soft, buoyant and impossibly durable, the 5-inch DoormatadorZ features eight high-vis colors (MSRP $4.99 per 4-pack.)

For more information, visit zmanfishing.com.