2023 Fishing Tackle Retailer Holiday Buyer’s Guide

A look at some products that manufacturers can offer right now with “Just In Time Shipping” options to help stock your shelves for the holiday season.

Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday; the list of special sales days in the coming weeks seems to grow every year and with good reason: they work. Retailers know that consumers have their eyes and ears to the market, looking for the best chance to stretch their dollar as far as it can go. But in recent years, supply chain issues have become the bane of retailers and consumers everywhere. Fortunately for us all things have gotten much, much better recently and inventory is slowly getting back to pre-pandemic levels in many industries.

To assist our industry partners both on the retail as well as manufacturing side, Fishing Tackle Retailer has set out to connect retailers with key manufacturers who have inventory on hand and ready for shipping, also referred to by some as ‘Just In Time’ shipping options. While supplies will most certainly vary from one manufacturer to the next on this list, and jumping on the opportunity without delay will be greatly advantageous, we hope that what follows will help to make your holiday season a bit more profitable this year.


From stocking stuffers to last-minute gift ideas, the world of fishing accessories includes a wide variety of products including terminal tackle, storage cases, fishing line and much, much more.

Humminbird LakeMaster VX

The Humminbird Lakemaster VX map chips are packed with more information than ever before, including five new customizable color palettes, exceptional map performance, and a powerful combination of features. The new LakeMaster lineup maintains the same regions as the current lineup, but with two options per region: Lakemaster and Lakemaster Premium. The Lakemaster VX map chips will help anglers of all skill levels be more efficient on the water and catch more fish. MSRP: $149.99. Contact Adam Knowles at Adam.Knowles@johnsonoutdoors.com for more information.

PLANO EDGE™ 3700 Swimbait Box

Meet the Plano Edge 3700 Swimbait Box – your ultimate tackle organization solution. This box is meticulously designed for precision, rust-resistant dividers, and waterproof protection, keeping your swimbaits in prime condition. Its durable construction can handle the toughest fishing conditions. Elevate your fishing game with this top-tier storage solution. MSRP: $49.99. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

KastKing FishIQ Bluetooth Sunglasses

FishIQ is the world’s first smart fishing polarized sunglasses. With advanced sensors and built-in connectivity, FishIQ provides anglers with valuable performance metrics and insight into their surroundings to revolutionize on-the-water experiences. Seamlessly connecting with KastKing’s iReel low-profile baitcaster, FishIQ transforms every cast into a calculated move. MSRP $169.99. Please contact Dena Vick at dena@kingeiderpr.com or your Pitman Creek representative to order.

SPRO Surppa Lure Holder

Protect your customer’s investment today with the SPRO X SURPPA LURE HOLDER. This lure holder is the perfect way to store and protect glide baits, swimbaits, and custom-painted hard baits. Expertly crafted in Japan by Surppa, this high-quality bait holder is a must-have for serious anglers. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

P-Line EndurX

New EndurX Braid has a tight, compact weave with a high strength to diameter ratio and virtually no stretch. The smooth surface provides supreme castability with unparalleled color retention and a lifetime guarantee against fading. Dealer inquiries, please visit p-line.com.

Mud Hole Fishing

Mud Hole’s All-In-One Rod Building Kits include all the tools, components, and supplies you need to start building your next custom fishing rod. From the rod blank, handle, and guides to the hand wrapper, rod dryer, and epoxy, our experts have assembled everything you need! Become a dealer today at Mudhole.com.

Fuji TCH Reel Seat

Fuji’s flagship TCH reel seat features carbon fiber reinforced plastic, a titanium hood, and has been engineered for ergonomics that promote sensitivity and comfort. Data shows a 233% increase in strength concerning flex resistance while reducing weight by 15% compared to traditional reel seats. Available in casting and spinning. Contact Aaron Lowe at alowe@anglersresource.net or visit our website anglersresource.net for more information.

Z-Man Rattle-Snaker®

The Z-Man Rattle-Snaker magically implants your favorite ElaZtech or other softbaits with rattle attractors or auxiliary weight. The patented tool design features stainless steel insertion needle and pushrod. The built-in storage compartment holds extra glass rattles (10 glass rattles included). Replacement rattle 10-packs also available, MSRP $4.99. Tungsten weights coming soon. MSRP $12.99 – Tool and 10-pack rattles. Please contact Brandon McKellar at bmckellar@zmanfishing.com to order.

Smith’s Mr.Crappie Slab-O-Matic

The Slab-O-Matic comes with an 8″ stainless steel blade with a sheath and the only electric fillet knife kit that comes with a 4.5″ stainless steel ribcage blade with a sheath. It features a 6 ft 120-volt AC power cord and includes an XL fillet glove for added protection. MSRP: $59.99. Please contact Dena Vick at dena@kingeiderpr.com or your Pitman Creek representative to order.

HI-SEAS Deluxe Rigging Kit

Upgrade your customers’ rigging experience with the HI-SEAS Deluxe Rigging Kit. This comprehensive package includes 550 pieces, featuring Copper Mini double barrel sleeves, thimbles, and a mini deluxe hand crimper. Save them time and money with this convenient all-in-one solution, ensuring they have everything they need for a successful and efficient rigging setup. For wholesale inquiries contact Shawn Carpenter, scarpenter@americanfishingwire.com.

Sunline Camo Line Storage Bag

The Camo Line Storage Bag is a padded tackle bag with adjustable center dividers. It is great for storing line, leaders, reels, or loose tackle. It features durable rip stop exterior construction, large rubber handle, padded interior, adjustable dividers, and bands to easily hold bulk spools. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Gamakatsu EDC Knives

Gamakatsu has developed four different-sized folding knives to suit EDC needs for work and play. The Gamakatsu EDC blades offer durable high-end D2 steel. These knives have a frame lock style handle, a locking mechanism used in one-handed knives. These knives feature an assisted opening action/flipper mechanism. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

ClearBags Packaging

ClearBags is the leader in flexible packaging for all of your fishing and outdoor needs. We carry a full range of stock products including zipper bags and high barrier bags for baits, lures, jigs, worms, and more. Custom packaging available. Free stock samples. Visit clearbags.com to see product offerings and contact sales@clearbags.com or 800-233-2630 to place an order.

Dexter Max Flex 8″ Dextreme

The DX8MF 8-inch Max Flex Dextreme® features a single edge with maximum flex and an ergonomic handle engineered to deliver great cuts with no compromises. The single edge blade gives you the perfect flex to glide over bones resulting in better yield of the meat, and the wide profile blade flexes in just the right spot for cleaner skinning of the fillet. The comfortable, non-slip handle accommodates any hand and finger position for greater control. The DX8MF includes a sheath. Check it out at dexteroutdoors.com and contact Carl Abissi at cabissi@dexter1818.com to place an order.

RebelFin USA Bobbers

Quality made in the USA bobbers. Snap on, extremely visible and super buoyant, these are the best bobbers being made today. Ask about our pre-season discounts. orders@plastilite.com or 800-228-9506 for more information and to place an order.

Sea Eagle® PackFish™7

Weighing just 22 pounds (29 pounds with the optional floorboard) the PackFish™7 is the perfect pack boat for the solo angler. Inflate in less than 5 minutes to 7’ x 39” and packs down to 5”x 20”x20”. Decked out with fish rulers, zippered pouches, rod holders & tracking strips. No waders needed – hull is fully enclosed. Contact wholesale@SeaEagle.com.

C&F Design 16- Grand Slam Guide Boat Box

Recently named Best Overall Product for Boxes and Storage System at the 2023 AFFTA Confluence, the 16- Grand Slam Guide Boat Box features the NEW C & F Design Universal Foam System, allowing for customization per pattern and 16 medium and small system foams. The Grand Slam Guide Boat Box offers less hassle, more choices, and more time to fish! MSRP: $238.03. Please contact Angler Sport Group at info@anglersportgroup.com.

E-Z Catch Crab Trap Building Supplies

Family owned and operated since 1958, E-Z Catch Crab Trap Company is the leading wholesaler of crap trap parts and supplies. Get your customers started with our trap building supplies and watch your profits soar. All products are made in the USA, dealer inquiries can be made at 718-727-7373 or via email at e-zcatch@verizon.net.


Whether shopping for a friend, family member, or themselves, any angler would be happy to upgrade their boat’s electronics this season.

Minn Kota Ultrex QUEST Trolling Motor

The new Ultrex QUEST series of dual 24- or 36-volt brushless trolling motors was designed for anglers who demand the best from their equipment – even in the harshest environments. With a programmable foot pedal, re-engineered motor and mount, more advanced GPS functionality than ever and even an eco mode to extend battery life, the new Ultrex QUEST was specifically designed for bass anglers and the areas they fish. The redesigned Ultrex QUEST is loaded with features to help it shine through the toughest conditions. MSRP: $3699.99-$4199.99. Contact Adam Knowles at Adam.Knowles@johnsonoutdoors.com for more information.


The 6” ECHOMAP™ UHD2 touchscreen with keyed-assist chartplotter knows the water better than a local. Get clear, high-contrast views all around your boat with Garmin traditional, ClearVü™ and SideVü™ scanning sonars. Navigate the waters with built-in Garmin Navionics+™ cartography. Please visit garmin.com or sales@garmin.com to order.

Dakota Lithium Tough 12V Battery

Introducing the Dakota Tough 12V lithium battery! With LiFePO4 technology, it’s twice as powerful, half the weight, and lasts 4 times longer than lead acid batteries. Perfect for trolling motors, solar storage, and boating. 100Ah capacity for all-day power. Now only $699 with an incredible 11-year warranty. Charger included. Visit dakotalithium.com, call 1-855-743-3279 or email sales@dakotalithium.com today.

YOLOtek Navlight SHOW

The most EPIC navlight on the planet and great margins, and YES, it is Coast Guard 2NM (nautical mile) visibility approved. Remote control: 12 solid colors & almost 400 patterns. Stay safe and have fun with NavLIGHT SHOW! Use Code: FTR15 to save $15 OFF your first order. Call 800-488-5512 or email NavLIGHTShow@YOLOtek.com today.


Soft baits or hard, freshwater anglers and salty, no fisherman has ever complained about having too many lures.

Berkley Dime

Berkley understands what balsa crankbaits can do to help anglers catch more fish, but also recognizes the limitations attributed to wooden baits. The team at Berkley Labs has now taken the same method of proven balsa action and durability and applied it to their newest mid-depth crankbait – the Berkley Dime. MSRP: $10.99. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Savage Gear Panic Popper

The Panic Popper promises explosive topwater action featuring a cupped face that creates pressure, resulting in surface turbulence as the water is forcefully pushed away. This water-spitting turbulence mirrors the commotion generated by a fish evading the chase and becoming the next meal. The lure has heavy-duty hardware capable of withstanding up to an astonishing 120 pounds of pulling pressure. MSRP: $15.99 to $25.99. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

BOOYAH Covert Finesse Spinnerbaits

Crafted to the specifications of master spinnerbait angler and Bassmaster Classic champ Jason Christie, the Booyah Covert Finesse Spinnerbait scales down the wildly popular Covert Series to more accurately imitate smaller baitfish and better approach pressured fish. In order to maintain a compact profile without sacrificing too much weight, the Covert Finesse series of spinnerbaits transferred some of the weight that is usually all at the head of the bait to the shank of the hook. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Great Lakes Finesse Sneaky Underspin

The Sneaky Underspin is everything PREMIUM you come to expect from Great Lakes Finesse. Stainless steel components and a ball bearing swivel will have the blade spinning at the slowest retrieve speed. Featuring a 1/0 Gamakatsu hook and wire bait keeper, it’s designed to match finesse swimbaits and our 2.75” Drop Minnow perfectly. Our custom head design, lifelike 3D eyes, and forward line tie placement allow it to swim perfectly horizontal and through sparse vegetation with no hang-ups. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

YUM/Scottsboro Swimbaits

The legendary Scottsboro Tackle Company has partnered with YUM Bait Co. to bring to market the greatest injection-molded swimbait ever created! Scottsboro has become known everywhere for their hand-poured swimbaits, which wreck bass with their subtle head to tail swimming action. We have replicated this unbelievable action, but, in an injection-molded style that is more affordable for the everyday angler and for placing on the Flash Mob Jr umbrella rig. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Rebel Classic Critters Kit

The Rebel Classic Critter 4-Pack includes four of the most-effective lures for streams, rivers, ponds, small lakes, or any time fish react better to a smaller, more realistic lure. These lures aren’t “kids’ stuff,” although they will help you create an angler for life. This 4-pack contains lures that truly have proven themselves as “Classic” fish catchers. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Rooster Tail Box Kits

Available in ten different assortments, Tackle Box Kits feature 5 Original Rooster Tails, 1 Free Vibric Rooster Tail, and a 5-compartment storage box. The box kits feature some of the best-selling Rooster Tail colors and sizes, and are packaged specifically for different species including trout, bass and panfish as well as other hot assortments, making it super-easy for your customers to buy the most productive lures to catch their favorite fish. Please contact customerservice@yakimabait.com to place an order, and yakimabait.com to download the current catalog.

Panther Martin® InLine SWIVEL™

InLine SWIVELS™ provide integrated InLine swivels built in a straight line directly on the spinning shaft of the lures which eliminates line twist and the need to tie on a swivel. It also maintains the proven tested fishing profile and action of Panther Martin® lures. Available in 10 colors, 3 sizes – 2, 4 & 6. Contact Mauricio@PantherMartin.com.

LIVETARGET Ultimate Frog Stride Bait

The LIVETARGET Ultimate Frog mimics a vulnerable frog exposed in open water, ready to flight. Pull it to replicate the stride of a fleeing frog. Designed to sit in the water like a resting frog, angle specific. The legs hinge at the hips, creating an anatomical stride-like action. MSRP: $12.99. Please contact Dena Vick at dena@kingeiderpr.com or your Pitman Creek representative to order.

Yamamoto Scope Shad

You can confidently rig the Scope Shad for a vertical presentation on technique-specific jig heads such as the all-new Buckeye Scope-Head. It is also an incredible offering on a drop shot as it is constructed from our Mega Floater. Contact Wes Higgins at whiggins@gsmorg.com to order.

Bill Lewis Scope Stik

With the rise of forward-facing sonar, Bill Lewis set out to design a jerkbait that is made specifically to be better detected on screen. We call it the SCOPE™ Stik. Featuring pronounced, flattened sides, and a lip that makes it flash sideways at the ‘scope.’ Contact Wes Higgins at whiggins@gsmorg.com to order.

Big Bite Baits Hybrid Swimmer

The Hybrid Swimmer is an all new bait unlike anything those finicky fish have ever seen. Combining a swimbait body with a unique paddle tail, the Hybrid Swimmer has a subtle swimming action that is perfect for high-pressure situations. Contact Wes Higgins at whiggins@gsmorg.com to order.

Epic Under Spin

We use Gamakatsu hooks in our Under Spins, 3-D eyes, and the rest of the components as well as the casting is done right here in the USA. Using a 30-degree hook and having the 2-wire form weed guards you can adjust/ or even cut off, makes this the best. MSRP: $7.99. Please contact Dena Vick at dena@kingeiderpr.com or your Pitman Creek representative to order.

420 Bait Co. Ganja Bug

The Ganja Bug is a 4-inch smasher the fish can NOT resist. Subtle but enough for bite after bite action. Perfect when used as swim jig trailer or as a punch bait. Place your order today at 420baitcompany.com.

Hoffman Easy Clip & Spin

The Easy Clip & Spin revolutionizes spinner fishing, enabling anglers to change blades in seconds for a fresh look without changing lures. The kit includes a nickel blade and a choice from our Trout Pro 3 Pack: “Trout SKINZ I, Trout SKINZ II, or our ARCTIC Series.” Contact sales@hli.fish or 724.699.7918 for more information, and online at hli.fish.

Waterslash Double Colorado Spinnerbait

Achieve unparalleled balance and immediate action with the compact Waterslash Spinnerbait by Duckett Fishing. Designed for finesse fishing, it features a specially blended steel for heightened vibrations. The weighted blades ensure optimal performance without overloading, while the hand-tied “fine cut” silicon skirt adds finesse, making it ideal for heavy cover. Contact Brad Ableman at brad@duckettfishing.com or 256-200-2113 for more information and to place an order.

Clarkspoon Trolling Kit

The Clarkspoon Trolling Kit makes a great gift! The kit has everything anglers need for a quick and easy trolling setup. The kit includes an assortment of the most popular spoons and accessories all in one convenient tackle box. Great for beginners, families, and seasoned anglers. Please contact info@clarkspoon.com for more information.


Like chocolate and peanut butter, or bacon and eggs, a new rod and reel go perfectly together and there’s plenty of options to be had for fresh and saltwater anglers alike.


The Squall® II LD reel effortlessly commands the waters, making it the ultimate companion for nearshore fishing and trolling. It’s meticulously crafted with a light graphite composition with uncompromising strength, a stainless steel main, and pinion gears accompanied by the PENN® Dura-Drag™ system, perfect for targeting prized catches like dolphin and kings. MSRP: Starting at $189.00. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Fenwick World Class

The Fenwick rods provide discerning anglers with technique-specific rods to meet their specialized needs. Focusing on the importance of weight, balance, and sensitivity, the rods are crafted from ultra-premium materials. The structure of the handle consists of smooth transitions with an hourglass silhouette and an ergonomic grip, which enhances the angler’s ability to detect changes in structure, lure movement, and, most importantly, bites. MSRP: Starting at $419.95. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Abu Garcia Zenon X Spinning Reel

Building on the original Zenon spinning reel, Abu Garcia has added a new model to the Zenon spinning selection with the Zenon X. This new model fills the gap by offering the flexibility to fish lightweight finesse style baits while also providing the power to handle heavier baits when needed. MSRP: $299.95. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Hardy’s Marksman Z Fly Rod

Taking home the prestigious ICAST Best in Category for Fly Rod Award, the Marksman Z is built with Sintrix FLT that is applied to an updated mandrel design, the Hardy Marksman Z Fly Rod stands up to the most demanding saltwater conditions offering the reliability needed for everything from Gold Cups to Grand Slams, the Hardy Marksman Z is your steadfast companion in the saltwater world. MSRP $995. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Greys CRUISE Combo

For those who tread fresh and light saltwater terrains, the CRUISE range is a blend of utility and sophistication and offers beginners and enthusiasts a comprehensive package featuring a medium-fast action 4 pc CRUISE fly rod matched with the CRUISE fly reel with a robust large arbor, full cage design, durable aluminum construction, and an efficient disc drag mechanism; comes ready to fish with backing, WF line, and leader. MSRP: From $189.95. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

KastKing iReel IFC

It’s the most innovative piece of fishing equipment anglers can wrap their hands around.  Introducing the new iReel IFC, the brightest, lightest, most intelligent smart reel in the USA. Microprocessors digitally monitor casting variables to offer users a refined digital casting experience. External Aerospace Aluminum and Carbon Fiber sensibly protect the internal core computer to keep this reel under 7 oz. And that’s how KastKing is intelligently changing the way we fish. Contact your Pitman Creek or Big Rock Sporting Good representative to order.

KastKing Assegai Technique Bass Fishing Rods

The Assegai Rod Series lineup includes 15 technique-specific models ranging from 6’4” to 7’10” in length, encompassing 12 casting and 3 spinning styles. Each of the rods in the lineup provides the serious bass angler with the pinnacle of angling excellence with rods featuring an impressive list of high-end components. MSRP: $139.99 – $169.99. Please contact Dena Vick at dena@kingeiderpr.com or your Pitman Creek representative to order.


The Daiwa Tatula MQ LT Spinning Reels are built to be a performance driven workhorse for the freshwater and light inshore angler. This reel utilizes an upgraded one-piece Monocoque Zaion V Body and Airdrive rotor to reduce weight and improve performance. The Tatula MQ LT Spinning Reel continues Daiwa’s LT (Light and Tough) series with great refinement, smoothness, and strength for the common and pro angler alike. Call DAIWA’s Customer Service Department at 562-375-6800 or e-mail inquiries to info@DAIWA.com.

St. Croix Mojo Bass TRIGON

Featuring St. Croix’s all-new ergonomic TRIGON handle and Dynamix Reel Seat delivering breakthrough levels of angler comfort and control, the award-winning next-generation Mojo Bass TRIGON Series includes 34 models for 2024. Retail prices range from $165-$270 with a 5-year warranty. Contact dealersupport@stcroixrods.com.

SEVIIN GF Series Baitcasting Reels

SEVIIN’s new GF Series consists of six compact, low-profile models in three gear ratios and right- or left-hand-retrieve. Featuring Japanese stainless-steel spool-shaft bearings and an audible click drag, GF reels combine superb castability and feel with excellent durability. The retail price is $120 with a one-year warranty. Contact dealersupport@seviinreels.com.

St. Croix Fly Connect Series

Consisting of ten versatile 4-piece models covering #3 through #9 line weights, new Connect Series rods are handcrafted on powerful but easy-loading, medium-fast actions that support anglers in a variety of fly-fishing techniques – from trout and bass to light saltwater applications. The retail price is $295 with a 5-year warranty. Contact dealersupport@stcroixrods.com.

Okuma Inspira ISX

Inspira ISX Spinning Reels feature diecast aluminum Torsion Control Armor (TCA) technology, providing up to 40% more torsion and flex resistance with its double arm body design. Available in 2000, 3000, 4000, and 5000 sizes, the Inspira ISX is perfect for most fishing applications. Contact sales@okumafishingusa.com.

Denali Novus Pro

Denali has seen rapid growth in recent years and in 2023 is expanding to new levels with the launch of the Novus Series of low-profile baitcasting reels. All the Novus casting reels feature a lightweight aluminum frame, compact ergonomically friendly design, and a high strength brass drive gear. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Duckett Fishing Zeus

The Zeus Series by Duckett Fishing embodies strength, sensitivity, and durability. Halo-Sanded™ construction ensures a lightweight yet robust rod. Sensi-Touch™ blanks, crafted from premium multi-modulus pre-pregs, offer unparalleled strength. With proprietary Kigan Artus guides and cut-resistant EVA grip, Zeus guarantees optimal balance, reduced fatigue, and heightened sensitivity. Contact Brad Ableman at brad@duckettfishing.com or 256-200-2113 for more information and to place an order.

Mustad BLF Instinct Baitcaster Rods

These rods deliver the power and quality that a professional expects from their equipment. This high-performance baitcaster rod features a top-of-the-line component list, including 30TON – IM8 Japanese Toray premium graphite blanks with original Fuji® reel seat and Fuji® guides. Brandon Lester’s choice rod for competition and weekend fishing alike. MSRP: $119.99. Please contact Dena Vick at dena@kingeiderpr.com or your Pitman Creek representative to order.

Cashion ICON Spinnerbait Rod

Newly released in October, the ICON Spinnerbait Rod has everything anglers love from Cashion, plus a 7’2″ med-hvy, fast casting design specially made for throwing spinnerbaits and controlling each catch. With superior quality handcrafted in the USA and a hassle-free lifetime warranty, it’s sure to be on every angler’s wish list! Email Cashion at orders@cashionrods.com OR call Cashion at 919-718-6677.


From blocking harmful UV rays, to keeping warm and dry on the deck of a boat or local stream, apparel makes a great holiday gift idea, especially for the hard-to-buy-for fishermen in our lives.

Fin-Nor Sportfisher Eyewear

Engineered with superior Lateral Line lens technology, Sportfisher sunglasses are designed for extended outdoor activities, whether you’re on land or water. They effectively shield your eyes from glare and blue light, helping to minimize fatigue caused by outdoor conditions. They incorporate lightweight and flexible materials, adjustable nose pads, and integrated spring hinges with all-day comfort in mind. MSRP: Starting at $189.00. Contact your local distributor to place an order.

Fish Monkey Yeti Series Fishing Socks

Stay warm and comfortable with the Yeti Ice Fishing & Hunting socks. Made with a Merino Wool/Acrylic blend for ultimate warmth, these heavy-cushioned socks are perfect for cold to extremely cold conditions. Seamlessly crafted to prevent chafing, they pair perfectly with heavy leather or muck rubber boots. MSRP $30.00. Visit https://dealers.fishmonkeygloves.com/ to become a dealer.

Hunt Monkey Gloves The Heater

If your fishing customers are also hunters, The Heater is a new hunting glove that is sure to please the hard-to-shop-for crowd. Extremely warm, with wind-blocking and silent hunting design, it’s made with Mossy Oak Bottomland Polar Fleece exterior, Sherpa Fleece lining, and a flip-top mitten design for finger access. MSRP $59.95. Visit https://dealers.fishmonkeygloves.com/ to become a dealer.

AFTCO Reaper Sweatshirt

You’ve seen the knockoffs, but AFTCO Reaper is the original that set the bar. A go-to when warmth is paramount, Reaper features an integrated microfleece face mask, laser-cut ventilation, ultra-quiet pocket closures, hood anchoring system, and stain resistance. Reaper is a surefire gift to put under the tree this holiday season. To place an order, contact Matt Quesnel at matthew@aftco.com or (949) 660-8757

Flying Fisherman Rafter Floating Sunglasses

Flying Fisherman Rafter Sunglasses feature TPX® Floating technology, so you never lose your sunglasses again! Eight base lenses wrap around for generous coverage, with non-slip nose and temples. AcuTint polarized lenses enhance clarity and definition, and block glare and 100% UV. Available in four colors. $39.95 suggested retail. Contact info@flyingfisherman.com to order today.

Hobie Monarch Float

The Monarch Float by Hobie Eyewear combines top-of-the-line performance features and modern styling for unique versatility on and off the water. This dual-purpose floating style can be worn with or without the included removable side shields and adjustable retainer to suit your activity or mood. MSRP: $109.99, contact sales@hobieeyewear.com to order.

Chota Blue Line Deluxe Stocking Foot Chest Wader

The Chota® Blue Line Deluxe All Terrain Chest Wader is designed with an innovative thirteen chest to waist convertible sizing system. Each wader features an extra wide, heavy duty tactical grade wading belt, improved Duc’s® suspender system, double-sided fleece lined hand warmer, reinforced 5-ply lower leg, knees, and seat area, and water-resistant zippered chest & interior pockets – the Chota® Blue Line is light weight and heavy duty all at once. MSRP: $349.95. Visit chotaoutdoorgear.com to order, and to become a dealer please contact 865-690-1814.

Gill Meridian Suit

Designed for extreme wet weather protection, the Meridian-X rain jacket and bib are constructed with XPLORE® 2-layer fabric construction and fully taped seams for exceptional waterproofness and breathability. Visit gillfishing.com for more information or contact Kevin Jeane – Fishing Account Manager – at kevin.jeane@gillna.com.

Cablz Hat Clipz

Cablz does it again with an innovative, one of a kind, killer Hat Clipz! Steel clip SLIDES inside the band of the hat allowing the remaining traditional clip to secure to your shirt. Works on all hats and is durable, comfortable, and secure! Contact orders@cablz.com today.

XTRATUF Women’s Fishe Wear 15” Legacy Boot

The Women’s Fishe® Wear 15″ Legacy Boot is a 100% waterproof and chemical /viral penetration resistant boot with a slip resistant Chevron sole. The boot offers flexible, all-day comfort and the best protection against the broadest range of acids, corrosives, and contaminants. This version includes an interior lobster print provided by Fishe® Wear, an Anchorage, Alaska based company whose mission is to create comfortable, functional, and fashionable fish-inspired apparel and gear for women. Contact XTRATUF Customer Service team for orders at xtratufcustomersupport@rockybrands.com.