13 Fishing Is Bringing Sexy Back

Tampa, FL based 13 Fishing is launching its new Concept series reels on March 17th. The series will feature 4 models that will certainly turn heads. Look for unique custom features that 13 products are quickly becoming known for. Top quality materials like Airfoil Carbon, and Featherweight Magnesium will be paired with a 22lb Bulldog Drag system and Hybrid Ceramic Bearing Technology. For those unfamiliar with 13 Fishing, they burst onto the scene in both the Freshwater and Ice market a few years ago. They have exploded into over 350 retailers in the USA and Australia. 13 is a young aggressive company creating their own style in the tackle industry. Sleek bold designs are eye catching to anglers and retailers, and 13 loves to interact with both daily using social media. Their Facebook page www.facebook.com/13Fishing is the heartbeat of the company and anyone checking the page out will quickly agree. The opinions of their customers really matter to this company, and new ideas are openly talked about online. Customers buying tackle and participating quickly feel like they are a part of the growing 13 fraternity.

Expect the Concept series reels to have incredible performance, pricing and features compared to anything available……and expect them to bring sexy back to fishing.