Pitman Creek Focuses on Quality Time at Spring Dealer Show

Danville, Ky.— Pitman Creek Wholesale, the nation’s leading bass tackle distributor concluded their annual spring dealer show at the tail end of February.

In an effort to add value to both the attending dealers and vendors, Pitman Creek introduced a Quality Time format at this year’s show, which arranged for invited dealers and vendors to have additional time together the afternoon before the show. This quality time was used by Pitman Creek’s sales team and the invited vendors to conduct detail business reviews with each attending dealer. The business reviews provided the dealers with sales data for their store and industry data which enabled them to make assortment and category management decisions specific to their needs. “This fact base selling and collaboration among the dealer, vendor and Pitman Creek’s sales staff is what differentiates Pitman Creek from other distributors in our industry”, stated Pitman Creek’s COO, John Johnson.

“Pitman Creek’s dealer shows continue to set attendance and sales records for the company. The show’s proximity to the nation’s core bass market and the awareness of Pitman Creek’s show discounts continue to drive attendance and sales”, said Pitman Creek’s CMO Jim Bowman. “Pitman Creek’s Spring Show provides the opportunity for dealers to pick up their order the same day as the show. That ability enables them to begin selling their show order the very next day, no waiting weeks for their order to arrive,” commented Pitman Creek’s Sales Manager, John Carman.

“Pitman Creek is committed to continuous improvement in servicing the dealers we supply,” said company officials. “It’s difficult to be the best at everything, and that is why Pitman Creek is so specialized in freshwater tackle, more specifically bass tackle.”

“Pitman Creek continues to be recognized at the “Go To” distributor for bass tackle”, stated Pitman Creek’s President/CEO, James Coffey.