11 Astonishing Underwater Sonar Images from Lowrance

After two months and almost 31,000 downloads, the latest software update for Lowrance Elite Ti and HDS units, NOS18.1, has been met with a tremendous reception. Some Lowrance customers had to write in reviews of the update like: “Exceptional!”, “Unbelievable!”, “So easy to use!”, and “Great job Lowrance!”, “Lowrance is stepping up their game.”, and “Great sounder for an affordable price!”.

With so much acclaim, FTR reached out to Lowrance to see what the buzz was about, and they sent back 11 astonishing sonar images from across the world of fishing. Let’s see what makes their new update such a game changer.

1. The Paddlefish

The High Visibility color palette shows Paddlefish in exacting detail.

2. The Shipwreck

HDS Carbon 9 showing a well-defined submerged wreck with FishReveal targets clearly standing out. This target separation is so easy to distinguish with just a glance.

3. The Predators

Bait and structure clearly defined in near photographic quality, while larger predator fish targets are shown in contrasting, traditional sonar arches.

4. The Bridge

Submerged bridge abutment shown in three simultaneous views confirm FishReveal blending of picture-like imaging and CHIRP sonar truly is the best, newest way to locate catchable fish.

5. The Perch

Perfect illustration of the combination of sonar technologies offered in the new NOS 18.1 software. The two panel split shows the difference as the traditional CHIRP sonar view is shown below, while the top show the bait ball much in much better imaging.

6. The Targets

Think you know what is shown on the panel to the left? Don’t take more time than necessary … FishReveal makes viewing small bait and fish targets much faster. The panel on the right shows there are fish worth going for in that ditch.

7. The Apocalpyse

An impossible amount of fish to count shown on sidescan with NOS18.1.

8. The Alternate Dimension

HDS Carbon showing new and dynamic higher visibility colors in StructureScan 3D mode.

9. The Treetops

Crisp and clear returns in this two-panel split between StructureScan HD and DownScan Imaging. The lower panel makes it easy to tell productive treetops.

10. The Laydowns

Lake Hartwell laydowns that are holding catchable bass near a ditch.

11. The Revelation

Ever heard the phrase, “Can’t see the forest for trees?” With FishReveal the targets pop out in a new view that will make your job of catching them so much easier and faster.

How it Works

Lowrance just released a new free software update including FishReveal sonar technology that combines CHIRP Sonar Fish Targeting sonar and DownScan imaging making it easy to identify fish, cover and structure. It can be downloaded to the Lowrance Elite Ti, Lowrance Gen3 or Lowrance Carbon units wirelessly. Watch the short video courtesy of Brad Wiegmann Media to learn more: