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YUM Adds 25 Jobs to Meet Rising Sales

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FORT SMITH, Ark.— As a result of the growing popularity and sales of YUM soft baits, the Fort Smith factory has added a third production shift. The positive financial impact to this northwest Arkansas community is great as approximately 80 full-time jobs have been created since YUM began manufacturing in Fort Smith in 2014. The addition of the third shift created 25 full-time jobs on March 6, 2017.

25 new permanent jobs have been created. This raises the total of new jobs to approximately 80 since YUM began manufacturing in Fort Smith in 2014.
“This growth is driven by demand,” said Chad Warner, YUM brand manager. “YUM is one of the most popular soft baits for all types of fishing nationwide and sales continue to climb. We’re thrilled to experience the progress and excited to support the local economy by adding more work force using area residents.”
The number of plastics manufacturing machines has grown from eight to 12. The added shift allows YUM to produce soft baits 24 hours per day, five days per week. Jobs included in the expansion include all aspects of production including supervisors and positions in manufacturing, packaging, warehousing and shipping.
YUM manufactures multiple soft baits including the ever-popular Dinger worm, as well as swim baits, creature baits and grubs. YUM plastic baits are enhanced with an exclusive attractant proven to provoke game fish to strike.

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