Fishing Tackle Retailer has partnered with Daiwa USA to replace your worn out fishing reel with a brand new one. FTR’s “Replace a Reel” contest runs for the next 30 days. Up for grabs are brand new Daiwa spinning and baitcasting reels.

“We wanted to give people a fun way to replace their worn out reels for free,” said FTR’s Digital Editor Joe Sills. “Fortunately, Daiwa USA has stepped up and sent us some really great models to give away. I wish I could enter, because these reels are beautiful.”

Sills says entering the contest takes less than a minute.

“All you have to do is visit the Photo Contest tab on our Facebook page. From there, you can upload a picture of your most haggard reel to the contest. We’ve already gotten some in that have been sheared in half or caked in mud. We recommend liking the Daiwa USA and FTR Facebook pages and sharing the contest with your friends. You can even vote on which reel you think deserves a free replacement more.”

Daiwa USA has provided an AIRD 2500SH Spinning Reel, along with a LEXA 400H and LEXA 100H baitcasting reel for the contest.


Head over to FTR and Daiwa’s Replace a Reel contest on Facebook, here.


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