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Tools of the Trade: Sight Fishing

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Few things in fishing are as exciting, nerve-racking and occasionally frustrating as targeting fish you can see. Among bass anglers, sight fishing is part art and part science, and a discipline with tens of thousands of fanatical devotees.

Though most often associated with the spawn, anglers can sight fish whenever the combination of bass depth and clarity allows them to see the fish they’re trying to catch. That can happen in any of the four seasons. All that changes is the bass’ attitude and reason for being in the area.

The Right Stuff

As is true with any fishing technique, sight fishing is a lot easier and a lot more productive with the right tools, and when it comes to catching bass you can see, the first and most obvious need is a great pair of optics. After all, you’re not sight fishing if you can’t see the fish.

Top bass pros Scott Suggs and Skylar Hamilton agree on few things when gearing up, but one thing they do agree on is sunglasses. In 2007, Suggs became the first bass angler to earn a $1 million payday in a tournament. Hamilton is one of the sport’s best young guns and just fished his first Bassmaster Classic.

Both choose Popticals for their sight fishing.

“They’re the best polarized sunglasses I’ve ever used,” says Suggs. “And when you’re trying to spot fish that are so adept at blending into their environment, you need every advantage you can get. With other sunglasses, I spend too much time second-guessing myself about what I’m seeing … or think I’m seeing. But with Popticals, there’s no guessing. Whatever you see is what you’re really looking at. As a result, I can cover a lot more water over the course of a day and put my baits in front of a lot more fish.”

The key to such great optics is in the lenses. Popticals uses NYDEF™ Nylon lenses that are manufactured to their specifications by Carl Zeiss Vision. These lenses are significantly clearer than polycarbonate lenses, rivaling glass in clarity, plus they’re 20 percent lighter than polycarbonate — a difference that really matters over the course of a long day. The NYDEF lenses also stay clear all day long because of their Ri-Pel hydrophobic technology that repels water, sweat, dust and oil from their surface. What’s more, the lenses offer complete UV400 protection that filters out all harmful UV rays.

Right Fit

But even great lenses have their limitations. They can get scratched or break, and without a convenient place to store them, they tend to get lost. When any of those things happen, anglers are forced to keep spending on quality or just give up and buy a series of cheap sunglasses.

Popticals has the answer here, too, and it comes in their unique and innovative FL2 Micro-Rail System that puts the “POP” in Popticals! It allows anglers to fold the glasses together and store them in their small, convenient case that easily fits in a pocket or clips onto a belt with a carabiner (included, of course).

Not only is the case durable, but it keeps the great Popticals lenses safe for years of use.

As Skylar Hamilton puts it, “I used to have issues with scratches on my sunglass lenses. It made sight fishing a chore! Popticals have solved that problem. I can safely store them in my pocket when I’m not wearing them, and when conditions change on the water, I can switch between my pairs and different lenses quickly.”

Right for Retail

All Popticals products are designed and handcrafted in Italy. The lightweight, flexible and tough frames are made of Grilamid TR 90, and the glasses feature stainless steel and corrosion-resistant hardware.

Popticals are also retailer-friendly. Because they’re so distinctive, they have a product differentiation quality that makes them easy to sell. They’re not just sunglasses. They are an innovative new product that stands out in the eyes of a customer and offers value. The Popticals innovation makes a real difference in terms of how anglers use and think about sunglasses.

With Popticals, anglers can see the difference … and the fish.

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