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Simrad Announces New Unlockable Feature for Halo

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Egersund, Norway – A leader in the design and manufacture of world-class marine navigation, autopilot, radar, communications and fishfinding systems, Simrad Yachting announced today a new, unlockable add-on feature for Halo Pulse Compression Radar Systems – VelocityTrack. Increasing boater awareness, VelocityTrack provides instant visual feedback on the motion of radar targets in relation to the boat, reducing the risk of a collision.

Using the Doppler effect, VelocityTrack enables Halo™ radar to determine whether a target is closing, diverging, or stationary relative to your boat. Closing or approaching targets are automatically highlighted with the option to de-emphasize diverging or retreating targets. A perfect complement to MARPA, VelocityTrack offers an immediate view of all relative target motion, making it easier to pick out relevant targets to track and ignore targets that are not a collision risk.

“We are excited to offer an optional premium feature to our customers in a way that doesn’t impact the base price of Halo Radars, but still makes the feature accessible for current Halo users,” Leif Ottosson, CEO, Navico. “With this feature, the best radar on the market gets even better. We are confident this addition will not only increase boater’s situational awareness, but will help our customers enjoy their time on the water even more.”

Starting in June 2017, consumers can download the feature by purchasing a VelocityTrack unlock code from a Simrad dealer or from the GoFree Shop. For more information on Halo Radar or other products from Simrad Yachting marine electronics visit

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