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ROSCO, Sampo, Donnmar Merge

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Rome Specialty Company, Inc., the parent company of ROSCO Terminal Tackle has acquired the assets of Sampo Inc., and Donnmar Enterprises, Inc. The combined company will be called Rome Specialty Company, Inc., and production of the Sampo and Donnmar product lines will be moved to ROSCO’s manufacturing facility in Rome, NY from Barneveld, NY and continue to be proudly made in the USA.

This acquisition marks a milestone for the 90-year-old company. From 1957 until 1996, Sampo was operated as a division of Rome Specialty Company. For the past 20 years, Sampo has operated as a completely separate company wholly owned by Brian Butts. The acquisition will bring all of the brands together, under one roof, and give ROSCO the ability to package products for retail sale, as well as adding the Sampo Ball Bearing swivel product lines and Donnmar Plier lines to its existing terminal tackle and plier lineup.

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There will be many new and exciting changes in the months and years ahead. Jack Butts, President and owner of the combined companies hopes to create efficiencies in the manufacturing process and dramatically lower the price of the Sampo and Donnmar product lines over time. “While, Sampo swivels and Donnmar pliers continue to be the best American-made products on the market, their pricing has also made them the most expensive. By bringing the price down, we hope to make them much more competitive.” An increased marketing effort is now under way to help bring these brands into the 21st century. New websites are under construction and a new advertising campaign is being created.

ROSCO is pleased to announce that this acquisition will not result in the loss of anyone’s job. A few key employees will be making the move from Barneveld to Rome, and everyone else will be retiring.

“I’d like to thank our current customers for their continued loyalty and invite new customers to give Sampo swivels and Donnmar pliers a chance. “Please stay tuned to our website, call 1-800-SWIVELS (794-8357), or email [email protected] for more information.

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