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Reel Adrenaline Energy Drinks Goes National

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Fort Lauderdale, Florida Reel Adrenaline Energy Drinks now offers nationwide distribution direct to dealers through their corporate offices in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida and their two fulfillment centers strategically located in Jacksonville, Florida and Reno, Nevada. Additionally, new dealers may also order through Big Rock Sports, the largest sporting goods distributor in North America.

Steve Fill, President of Reel Adrenaline: “Now, with national distribution available to new dealers and distributors, we are aggressively expanding our market availability. We offer low dealer buy in costs, free shipping and free counter top refrigerators to help our dealers boost sales. This is an exciting time for us as a company and for our customers and dealers who now have much greater access to Reel Adrenaline. Since setting up our national distribution network in January of 2013 we have expanded from being offered for sale in 25 South Florida locations to 132 locations across the US. We seem to grow a little each day. Our dealers now have the opportunity to capitalize on the 10 billion dollar energy drink market with a brand that speaks directly to their customers.”

In January of 2012, Reel Adrenaline Energy Drinks introduced its Saltwater Series energy drinks in the South Florida market and is currently enjoying widespread acceptance among fishermen, divers, boaters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. In July of 2012 Reel Adrenaline’s Freshwater Series was added and combines the same great taste of the existing Saltwater Series with eye catching labels depicting popular freshwater fish.

Reel Adrenaline energy drinks come in regular and sugar free and are packaged for both freshwater and saltwater fishermen. Both the Saltwater and Freshwater Series drinks include Big Game: A crisp tasting, vibrant, citrus flavored energy drink designed to give you a period of increased energy boost and provide the edge you need (112 calories per 8.4 oz can) and Light Tackle: A low calorie, citrus flavored, sugar free alternative providing the same increased alertness and energy boost you receive with Big Game with fewer calories (5 calories per 8.4 oz can).

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