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Ocean Kayak: Fishing Florida Blind

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Old Town, ME— There’s a chaos that comes with kayak fishing, especially in saltwater. But it’s a chaos that’s pursued by thousands of anglers on top of Ocean Kayak ‘craft each year, many pushing the future of the sport into new, unimagined territories.

Along those lines, Ocean Kayak is proud to introduce a series of saltwater fishing videos for 2017, which will cast a spotlight on the pros, guides, and passionate everyday anglers who rely on Ocean Kayak boats day in, day out.

Sonoma County, California-based Annie Nagel is one of those anglers, a West Coast fish-head who pursues lingcod, cabezon, rock fish, halibut, steelhead and salmon… pretty much everything that swims around the San Francisco Bay area.

Annie’s versatile, and her main boat is equally adept in varying conditions: from the open Pacific to behemoth bass-filled California lakes. Her vessel of choice? Ocean Kayak Trident 11Trident 13 and Trident 15 models, stalwart boats recently revamped for 2017 with the same legendary hull but improved ACS2 seating, center pod redesign, and a whole lot more.

With the goal of challenging her angling skills, Annie recently flip-flopped coasts, traveling with her Trident 13 Angler to the Ft. Lauderdale area for some multi-species spring break fun. Call it fishing “cold” or “blind,” Annie had no idea to expect other than shattered expectations. As anyone familiar with the Atlantic Florida coast knows, it can be a real mixed bag of species, as the video reveals.

“I love that every kayak fishing trip is a new and unique experience and you never know what to expect,” Nagel says. “I find it to be very therapeutic, despite the chaos that ensues when you get a fish.”

Kayak fishing is therapeutic. There’s something special about being out on the water, gliding inches away from its surface that silences the chatter of stress and anxiety.

And thanks to the revamped Trident’s design, Annie’s paddles stay therapeutic until that madness-inducing fish strike. The Ocean Kayak Trident family is designed and built to conquer breaking surf and rough seas while your mind laser-focuses on waters, fish and fishing… and the continued pursuit of adrenaline-surging chaos.

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