The Garden Spot of America, FL.— Ken Duke and Joe Sills return for another Bassmaster Classic discussion, this time, to reveal the lure companies and lure types that have won the most Classics over the years.

In this week’s FTRCast, Team FTR delves into the record books to unravel the secrets of the world’s grandest fishing tournament. “Ken has a dizzying amount of information logged into this one, giant Word document,” says Sills. “It basically chronicles the history of bass fishing from its greatest moments to its most minute details—I mean stuff that is really insignificant and trivial, the type of stuff that only Ken would obsess over. That’s where we got this list.”

Familiar names abound on the list: Bagley, Mann’s, Rapala; but others, some long forgotten to time like Andy’s Custom Jigs or Okeebug, pop up as well.

“Ken used to wear an Okiebug jacket to elementary school,” adds Sills. “That’s how into bass fishing he has always been. Yes, I’m on the podcast, but more as a conduit to spreading Ken’s knowledge throughout the FTR universe. The Bassmaster Classic is a special event. It’s unique in the fishing world, and it’s incredible how many companies have had a huge part in winning this spectacle of a tournament.”

This week’s podcast follows up on Part 1 last week, where Ken and Joe discuss the three anglers who have won the Bassmaster Classic using lures they made themselves.

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