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LIVETARGET’s Swimbait Secret is Out

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At ICAST 2016, the secret of LIVETARGET’s new swimbait series got out. But not only did LIVETARGET up the ante on swimbait designs, it has now forged ahead with premier video instructional and reseller promotional tools that showcase the unique designs of this multi-species lure family.

LIVETARGET has recruited Scott Martin, currently reigning as the world’s number one bass angler, according to Bassfan, to teach and instruct anglers on how to be productive and effective on the water with techniques and equipment to maximize the new Swimbait Series lineup. Unlike prior written instruction guides, this primer on swimbaits includes on-the-water video content and in-depth product insights to make even seasoned veterans better swimbait anglers.  LIVETARGET represents these swimbaits as “live bait redefined,” and they feature anatomically-correct lure designs that are so freakishly lifelike you’d believe that they just came from a bait tank.

Gizzard shad, trout, threadfin shad, golden shiners and blueback herring are all options, giving freshwater fishermen in any location a fine-tuned forage species to toss. And they’re joined on the saltwater side by mullet, sardine and pinfish in a lineup of factory-rigged baits with oscillating tails and extra-wide gap hooks that fall at a steady foot per second. In other words, Martin says—thanks to factory-rigging—the lures are ready to fish right out of the box, and they’re as reliable as they are beautiful.

Time after time, they cast consistently, perform consistently, and eliminate much of the tweaking often associated with high performance swimbaits.

Here’s how he breaks it down:

That video is a powerful selling tool, and a potent educational device for anyone using the new LIVETARGET swimbait series. (FTR TIP: LIVETARGET has given retailers free rights to the video, making it an easy addition to your eCommerce website or an in-store display.)

“We felt like the Swimbait Series offered us the perfect platform to move to a visual, demonstration-based tool for anglers to utilize,” says LIVETARGET Marketing Manager Gary Abernethy. “Because these lures are factory-rigged, and quite a bit different from most swimbaits, we wanted to provide both novice and experienced anglers with a great tool to understand all the design elements from this new product line. Video content just offers such a rich and complete way to impart understanding, and we wanted to have this content produced in a ‘real-world’ format on the water so anglers get a very clear message. Scott Martin is a great instructor, and his video work includes informative imagery that’s entertaining to watch.”

LIVETARGET has, since its inception, established itself as a science-based brand for savvy anglers. With education being a critical part of science, LIVETARGET’s lures have, for years, come with detailed, printed instructions on techniques and strategies. Now, the company says videos like Martin’s swimbait production are set to take the instructional reins away from paper pack-ins and put them in a form that anglers are devouring online: video.

“Along with making this truly for angler education, we are making this video available to our reseller and channel partners who will be able to use this video for in-store promotion as well as associated with e-commerce platforms, so anglers get great instruction on how to use these lures for the best possible results right at the point of purchase,” adds Abernethy. “The video is also hosted at two places on the LIVETARGET website, under the “ProTips” navigation header, and also associated with each Swimbait product description detail.”

LIVETARGET lead swimbait designer Tobias Wiegand led the development process.

“When we designed the Swimbait Series,” says Wiegand. “We wanted to create a set of features that allows anglers to open a swimbait package and have a lure that runs straight and true. Each lure has unique features for hook placement, weighting, action and snag resistance that would be impossible for hand-rigged swimbaits. We knew we could deliver the LIVETARGET anatomy and color patterns, but we wanted to make it ‘factory engineered’ for uniqueness and quality, and to do this for each lure size.”

Now, as northern ice thaws and southern waters button down for spawn, Martin’s secret and Wiegand’s design has made its way to store shelves across the globe. And for swimbait junkies looking for a fix, there may be no better option than the new lineup from LIVETARGET.

Swimbait Series factory-rigged features include:

  • Factory-Rigged: internal weighting molded inside the lure body provides for a true-running lure every time.
  • Extra Wide-Gap Hook: matched for size and integrated into the body of the lure, creates a low-profile hook to minimize snags.
  • Dorsal Fin Shield: aligned with the hook point position to create a shield effect as a snag-resistant weed guard.
  • Accessory Pin: designed into each model to allow anglers to add extra hooks or willow leaf blades for customization options.
  • Natural Profile: body profile matches each forage type, featuring a unique tail anatomy that produces the ideal profile illusion of a real baitfish.
  • Oscillator: causes the tail to swing side-to-side. Every Oscillator is strategically designed to generate a species specific lifelike swimming action

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