What happens when you put a college student on a plane across the Pacific Ocean with the Geobass crew? Things get a little weird. 

That’s the case with the latest episode of Costa’s ultra-popular Geobass series, when the boys pick up Fly Lords founder and average college kid Jared Zissu, who won a Costa-sponsored contest to join the globe-trotting fly commandos on their latest adventure.

The Geobass team has been on a two year adventure to catch any and every bass species on the planet with a fly rod. This time, the mission remains the same, but the crew heads to Christmas Island for their very first saltwater episode of the show. Check it out:


This time, the near-death experiences are kept to a minimum—or at least relegated to sickness instead of snakebites. Zissu, a Sewanee student and dedicated fly angler, manages to hold his own during the two-week escapade, after a few early growing pains. Meanwhile, Geobass veterans Thad Robison, Jay Johnson, Chris Owens and Brian Jill pull out all the stops in the hunt for red bass.

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