Old Town, ME  – This past August, three anglers brainstormed an entirely new take on the Canadian fishing trip with the help of Nestor Falls Fly-In Outposts.

Old Town Predator PDL fishing kayaks were strapped to the floats of a de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter and flown back into the wilds of Northwest Ontario’s Sunset Country.

The intrepid anglers followed, blood pumping to tap waters unexplored by kayak anglers. FTR Contributor Jim Edlund was in the fold:

“There aren’t a lot of firsts left to achieve in fishing,” he says. “Species records are routinely set and broken, but most of what can be done has been done. When the Old Town Predator PDL was released we wanted to test, experience and fish from it in a context that had never been done before. In that way, it’s a contemporary take on the classic Canadian fly-in canoe fishing trip, but with the benefit of today’s engineering and small watercraft boat control.”

“It was really one of those fishing trips that you dream of where everything comes together perfectly. We’ve all been on enough trips that don’t necessarily go that way, so when they do they’re especially memorable. The multi-species action was incredible: there were numerous muskies, big smallmouth bass and the obligatory Canadian shore lunches. It was all there…the stuff that you read about in magazines as a kid come to life.”

The end result: muskies, big bass, multi-species mayhem, and the adventure of a lifetime.

Stuck in NW Ontario… without a paddle… not a problem!

Old Town will debut the full length video on Monday, December 19. Check back with FTR for a link and a breakdown then.


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