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Introducing the BOOYAH Prank

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When Steve Jobs debuted the iPhone in 2007, he said Apple was introducing (1) a widescreen iPod with touch controls, (2) a revolutionary mobile phone and (3) a breakthrough internet communications device. But, of course, the magic was that it wasn’t really three devices — just one. The iPhone reinvented the phone for millions of people.

The BOOYAH Prank is about to do the same thing for shallow water bass fishing.

With it, BOOYAH is introducing (1) a popper that spits, splashes, pops or chugs and (2) a shallow-running crankbait that offers a seductive swimming action down to 2 feet deep.

That’s right. A popper and a crankbait … in one!

The cupped mouth allows the Prank to spit, splash, pop or chug — whatever is needed to trigger strikes on top of the water.

The feather-dressed treble adds a lifelike action whether the Prank is worked on top or under the surface.

The rounded diving lip gives the Prank a seductive swimming action and allows it to dive down to 2 feet.

The shaved upper back on both sides of the Prank enhance the swimming action when cranked.

Maybe best of all, the Prank bridges the gap between topwater and crankbait. It’s great as either, but really shines when you use it as both. Start it as a topwater near shoreline cover, then hustle it back to the boat for another cast. Unlike other topwater baits, the Prank keeps working even when you’re cranking it in for another cast.

And if you’re on a crankbait bite and are bouncing the Prank off shallow cover where you just know there’s a bass, stop your retrieve and allow the Prank to float to the surface where it morphs into a great topwater lure and draws explosive strikes.

BOOYAH just reinvented the shallow water hard bait.

If you don’t believe it, take a look.

You’ve never seen a lure like the BOOYAH Prank.

If you don’t believe it, make a cast.

Fishing is believing.

Available at retailers Spring 2017.

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