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IGFA President Steps Down

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DANIA BEACH, FL. — Mr. Rob Kramer, President of IGFA, will be stepping down after nearly 15 years of leadership at the most well-known nonprofit recreational fishing organization in the world. The change was announced jointly by Mr. Kramer and the Board of Trustees today.  Mr. Kramer will continue to work for IGFA in the role of President through August of 2017 to enable a smooth transition to new leadership.

Mr. Kramer said stepping down as leader of IGFA will allow him to spend more time with his family and explore new challenges.  “We have accomplished much at IGFA over the last decade and a half, broadening our international reach and refocusing the organization on its original founding purposes,” he said. “It is time now to turn over the helm to new leadership that can continue the evolution well into the 21st century.”

“Mr. Kramer’s tenure at IGFA has been transformative,” said Charles Duncan III, Chairman of IGFA’s Board of Trustees. “Under his leadership, IGFA has matured as a business.  It has also successfully shifted its focus to expand original core programs such as game fish research, education, rules, record-keeping and maintaining the history of our sport”.

During his tenure, Mr. Kramer has been a tireless champion for IGFA and for the importance of gaining better scientific knowledge of the marine environment through citizen science.

“One of the things I’ve been most proud of during my time at IGFA has been our dedication to combining outreach and education with our scientific research,” Kramer said. “Today, we have more cutting-edge research and advocacy efforts than at any time in the organization’s history. However, our mission could not be realized without the hard work of our talented, passionate staff and dedicated volunteers, especially our network of International Representatives and excellent Board of Trustees. They are our greatest assets.”

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