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The ICAST I.Q. Test

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With ICAST less than a month away, I find myself obsessed with the event. Love it or hate it (and they’re not mutually exclusive), ICAST is a big deal, and having a successful show can set the stage for the next year for your shop, your manufacturing operation and more.

I thought it would be helpful to give you the first ever FTR ICAST I.Q. Test. Whether you’re an exhibitor, a buyer or a media person, there’s something in this test for you.

So, sharpen your No. 2 pencils, sit up straight at your desk and keep your eyes on your own paper. It’s time to test your show skills!

ICAST is an acronym that stands for:

(A) International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades

(B) Introduction to Casting, Angling, Sportfishing and Trade

(C) Information, Cognition, Creativity, Science and Trade

(D) It’s not an acronym at all. It just means “I cast.” Duh!

Correct answer: (A) But don’t worry — not one out of a hundred attendees knows this, and you probably won’t be tested on the show floor. I used to think it would be great to do one of those man-in-the-street-style ambush interviews like Johnny Carson and Jay Leno used to do, except that I’d walk up to high-level fishing industry execs and ask “What does ICAST stand for?” As the exec bumbles his way through a nonsensical answer and the camera rolls, hilarity ensues (and I become the most-hated man in fishing).

At ICAST, a red badge means

  • (A) buyer.
  • (B) exhibitor.
  • (C) journalist.
  • (D) contagious.

Correct answer: (A) But take precautions since (D) may also apply.

Exhibitors who spend their booth time seated in a chair at the back of the display

  • (A) have the mental agility of a potato.
  • (B) believe they have a product that will sell itself.
  • (C) have bad breath.
  • (D) are trying to keep their new products a secret.

Correct answer: (A) But the effect is (D).

ICAST On the Water is a great place to

  • (A) try out some of the latest gear in an actual fishing scenario.
  • (B) get really, really sunburned.
  • (C) learn about Florida humidity.
  • (D) watch alligators stalk tourists from the fishing industry.

Correct answer: (A) But any of the above answers deserves full credit.

OCCC stands for

  • (A) Orange County Convention Center
  • (B) Office of Citrus, Calcium and Chlorine
  • (C) Occupational Certification Crafting Center
  • (D) Something in Russian that means the former Soviet Union.

Correct answer: (A) That’s where ICAST will be held!

A “show special” is usually

  • (A) a discounted price on new products for early buyers.
  • (B) a misdemeanor.
  • (C) some variation of the flu that makes its rounds through the attendees.
  • (D) sushi that was originally purchased at a gas station.

Correct answer: (A) Are you getting the hang of this yet? All of the correct answers are (A)!

If you are a journalist and recognize an angling celebrity in an exhibitor’s booth, you should

  • (A) respectfully request an interview and ask about his sponsor’s new products.
  • (B) stick a camera and microphone in his face and ask him about a recent tournament.
  • (C) ask a question he’s heard a million times before (“What does the ‘T’ on your cap stand for?” or “How many fish have you kissed?”).
  • (D) get their autograph.

Correct answer: (A) But I’ve seen them all … many times.

The best way to drive an exhibitor crazy at ICAST is to

  • (A) ask him for directions to a competitor’s booth.
  • (B) ask if you can use his booth as your “official show office.”
  • (C) ask for a sample of his new product so you can knock it off and make it cheaper.
  • (D) tell him you want to order 1,000 of his new product, then amend your order to one just as he’s waiting for you to sign off on the deal.

Correct answer: None of the answers are necessary since all exhibitors will be exhausted and barely coherent by the end of the show.

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