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How Humminbird Pro Aaron Martens Mastered the Tides For Second 2015 Bass Elite Win

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EUFAULA, AL– We caught Bass Elite pro Aaron Martens ordering breakfast at the time of the interview.

“No dude, we can talk now. Where am I? Not sure where I am. Somewhere in northern Michigan, I think. Just getting breakfast,” laughed Martens.

Bass fishing fans across the country already knew the details of A-Mart’s Bassmaster Elite win at Chesapeake Bay a week ago Sunday night, and pundits had covered the win inside and out by Monday morning. Like how Martens struggled until noon on the final tournament day to catch a fish. And the story of a magic fish that may as well have offered him three wishes—a 7-pound, 2-ounce pig, which secured his pole position and second BASS Elite win this year. Martens finished the four-day event with 70 pounds, 2 ounces for $104,000 in winnings. Angler Bill Lowen took second place with 62 pounds, 3 ounces.

There’s significance in the number two. For years Martens couldn’t win a tournament, perpetually taking second place event after event. Superstition grew. He told his wife he’d need 13 second places before he took another first, exactly what happened prior to his win on Lake Havasu this past May.

And now, the number two again … but this time for two firsts.  

So, while Aaron waited for his eggs, we asked: “Aaron, what happened on Chesapeake that other fishing writers haven’t already covered?”

“Probably how cool the tide charts are on my Humminbird ONIX units. I was using them to keep track of the tides – how many inches, how many feet it was fluctuating. I’ve never had that before on my graphs. It helped me make sure I was where I needed to be when the fish were going to bite, basically the last two and a half hours of the outgoing tide. It’s super neat and really came into play the last day of the tournament when it was crucial,” says Martens.

A-Mart explains the down and dirty of how he got it done in this off-the-cuff video shot on location.

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