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Hand-painted Hollowbody Danny the Duck, HypoTeez ST Hit ICAST

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ORLANDO, FL— The Scandinavian invasion is heading to the Sunshine State, as the Danish tackle wizards at Westin return to ICAST. This year, the company is offering an all-new version of a show favorite from last year, and an ultra-size version of their hot glide bait. Both baits come hand-painted from the factory, and both come at price points any consumer can appreciate.

Westin’s popular Danny the Duck has a new cousin, but it’s not Huey, Dewey or Louie. It’s a hollow-body version that’s super-weedless and designed for heavy cover. ICAST attendees will have an early look at the bait if they visit the New Product Showcase.

With a twitch, Danny pivots 180-degrees in tight, short swings and stays on the hotspot thanks to added buoyancy. Put it in motion with short, soft twitches of the rod tip, and it will “walk the dog” like a conventional topwater stickbait. Danny creates a unique bubble trail that emulates a baby duckling, and his beak acts as a sort of popper to entice finicky bass.

The hollow bodied version is tough, but soft, so it collapses easily and guarantees a high hook-up ratio in a lure category traditionally known for missed strikes. Danny collapses under the pressure of a predator bite to reveal the business end of sharp double hooks.

Danny weighs in at 5/8-ounce and measures 3 1/2 inches. MSRP $11.99.

HypoTeez ST

Westin’s new HypoTeez glide bait glides to the left and glides to the right. That HypoTeez makes the big fish bite! Gide baits are coming on strong for a variety of popular predatory fish. This version of a Westin favorite has an unrivalled side to side kicking action and is perfectly balanced to stay right in the strike zone for big bass and pike.

What makes the HypoTeez different, though — other than the stunning good looks and amazing colors — is its versatility. The standard retrieve on a traditional glide bait could be best-described as “crank, crank, pause.” If you something different, you’re probably not going to get strikes. But there’s just no way to fish the HypoTeez wrong. Whether you use a steady retrieve, vary its speed or walk it, the Hypoteez looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet for predator fish of all different kinds. You can even wake it just under the surface by using a medium-speed retrieve — a deadly secret weapon that is bound to draw bone-crushing strikes!

The HypoTeez ST is 7 1/8″ in length and weighs in at 1 9/16-ounces. MSRP $21.99.

Visit Westin at ICAST Booth 1077 to see the full range of Westin products for yourself in Orlando.

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