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Etic USA Seeking U.S. Sales Reps

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Las Vegas, NV— Etic USA is now accepting applications for US Sales Reps.

The Etic USA brand offers a wide variety of Spoons, Spinners, Flies, lures, baits, hardware and other accessories for anglers of every caliberThe Etic brands cover bass fishing, trout, walleye fishing, pike and more.

This will be a lengthy process for us so please give us time to look over all applications as they come in,” said Etic USA President James Smith.
Job responsibilities include the following:
  • Searching for new, active customers
  • Providing technical support to customers
  • Providing a minimum of four visits per year for each customer per territory
  • Conduct weekly sales reports
  • Participate in sales meetings when requested
  • Participate in the preparation and attend promotional activities
  • Maintain the lookout for new products
Etic is looking for hard working dependable sales reps in all US States.  Apply online at Front Deck Entertainment Inc.

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