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Bobby Garland’s new Pull Tabs are “dock shooting” game changer

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TULSA, Okla. – Bobby Garland’s new Dock Shoot’R Pull Tabs provide an easier, safer and more repeatable way to accurately shoot and skip crappie jigs bow-and-arrow style into small openings underneath docks and other low hanging cover where crappie often hide and other fishing methods can’t reach.

Up until now, “dock shooters” had to rely on pinching and holding the jig’s hook or head with thumb and forefinger of one hand while pulling the lure back toward the reel so that the rod is flexed like a drawn bow, then letting go of the jig to catapult it into the hideaway.

What has been a cumbersome technique mastered by only a skilled few because of the dexterity and timing required, the Garland Pull Tabs now make it possible for virtually any level of crappie angler to enjoy the fun and success of dock shooting.

The Pull Tabs are constructed from a lightweight, flexible material that is waterproof and tear resistant. The tabs provide a grip surface that is easy to hold and let go of, keeping the hand clear of the hook and allowing a smooth and consistent release.

To rig, the hook is inserted through the starter hole on either end of the tab until it “snaps” past the barb. There’s a hole on both ends so product life can be extended by switching to the other should the fit become too loose on one.

To use, the angler grips the tab with thumb and forefinger and pulls it back to flex the rod. As with shooting a bow, a consistent anchor point of where to stop and position the hand greatly improves accuracy of the shot. Pull Tabs can also be used while wearing fishing gloves.

Dock Shoot'R Pull Tabs are available in Holographic Scale and Natural Fin colors, and come in reusable snap-lid packaging.  (Click for high resolution.

Dock Shoot’R Pull Tabs are available in Holographic Scale and Natural Fin colors, and come in reusable snap-lid packaging. (Click for high resolution.

Pull Tabs measure approximately 1/4-inch wide by 7/8-inch long. Their small size and uniform shape allow them to complement the lure’s action, not hinder it. They come in two color finishes: Holographic Scale and Natural Fin.

Holographic Scale adds a multi-colored reflective flash to a descending jig. Natural Fin provides a more subtle option, resembling a fin or wing of natural bait. Both versions can dress up a jig and stimulate strikes regardless of the fishing technique.

Bobby Garland Dock Shoot’R Pull Tabs come 24 per reusable snap-lid accessory box. MSRP is $5.79 per package.

For more information about Dock Shoot’R Pull Tabs and other Garland products, visit

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