GRAHAM, NC—Big Rock Sports, LLC announced today a new service called Brandmap Custom Products that allows outdoor retailers to create promotional merchandise imprinted with their store’s logo. From koozies and insulated cups to t-shirts and hats, retailers can easily put their logo on hundreds of high-quality products.

“We want to provide our customers the resources that will help their retail businesses grow,” said Big Rock Sports marketing director Mitch Mitchell. “What better way to grow their business than by letting hunters and anglers do their advertising? Personalized products featuring their logo are a proven, economical way to boost their store’s brand.”

Brandmap Custom Products is available only to Big Rock Sports customers. No sign-up fee is required.

To learn more about Brandmap Custom Products, contact [email protected] or log in to

About Big Rock Sports

The premier outdoor sporting goods distributor in North America, Big Rock Sports, LLC, is focused on supplying more than 15,000 retailers with the best products from over 1,200 manufacturers as well as the tools needed to navigate the complexity of today’s marketplace. The company is strongly committed to protecting the rights of hunters, anglers and all outdoor enthusiasts. Big Rock Sports is a privately held company with a home office in Graham, NC.

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