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B-Fish-N Tackle unleashes new colors in AuthentX Pulse-R and Moxi softbaits

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Coralville, IA  – Nothing’s so sublime as your first spring reunion with river walleyes. If life could be as easy, simple and satisfying as casting a favorite lure with a cherished rod and reel—feeling the smack-strike of walleye after walleye—the world’s tribulations would surely drift downstream like an oak leaf in a riffle.

The good news is that at least during the hours you’re on the river, life really can be that sweet. Grab a small box of choice softbaits and jigheads to match, and drive to your local waterway to remind yourself what it’s all about.

Where choice softbaits are concerned, river rats discovered awhile ago that walleyes absolutely engulf AuthentX Pulse-Rs and Moxis—a one-two punch of remarkable river baits by B-Fish-N Tackle. As those ‘rats’ will also tell you, matching these deep-ribbed plastics to an H2O Precision Jighead add amazing underwater animation to the presentation.

“Ringworm style plastics from B-Fish-N Tackle are probably the number one river walleye bait of all time,” says Walt Matan, a moving water expert and tackle industry insider. “I don’t care what river you’re on—the Mississippi, Missouri, Fox, Maumee, or the local creek. Two baits will catch loads of walleyes anywhere: the Pulse-R or the Moxi, both threaded onto an H2O Precision Jig. Swim the Pulse-R aggressively over shallow sand or gravel spots. Or jig a Moxi slowly in deeper pools or beneath dams and you’ll always catch ‘eyes, period.”

Such confidence sounds like bravado until you consider the anglers who’ve boated thousands of white tailed beasts with B-Fish-N baits clamped in craws. Matan has himself set hooks into dozens of spring river trophies. Ex guide and host of In-Depth Outdoors TV James Holst has relied on B-Fish-N plastics for years, boating beasts from the Rainy all the way to the Wisconsin. Minnesota guide Josh Wetzstein continues to land lunkers up to and exceeding 12-pounds on the Mighty Mississippi.

Ask any of the anglers and they’ll tell you two elements play prominently into the lures’ success. “Both baits are poured with deeply-contoured ribs that displace a lot of water and give off subtle yet spellbinding vibration walleyes use to track in dirty water,” says Matan. “The Moxi and Pulse-R also each employ a super soft material that really helps activate the baits underwater, whether it’s the Moxi’s long, thin, thumping tail or the Pulse-R’s broad paddle tail. Rig them on a 90-degree H2O Precision Jig and you get maximum movement, vibration and hook gap for surefire hookups.”

Matan interjects that B-Fish-N Tackle has recently unleashed six new colors in both the 3- and 4-inch Moxi and the 2.45- and 3.25-inch Pulse-R. “Based on input from our team of fishing insiders, we’ve created colors like purple with white tail and electric blue with a white tail—both awesome river patterns. We’re also super excited about catalpa with a chartreuse tail and watermelon with a chartreuse tail, which imitate gobies exceptionally well. Finally, for trophy walleyes, Fire Ice White has already accounted for some big river walleyes.”

The leader in ringworms and river plastics for walleyes, bass and other species, B-Fish-N Tackle continues to expand the basic ringworm style with accentuated shapes, softness and action. Offered in two sizes each, the Moxi and Pulse-R Paddletail come in 24 potent color patterns, in packs of 8, 16, 64 or 96.

“Doesn’t matter if you’re on the Rainy, Fox, St. Croix, Mississippi, Illinois, Maumee or any river in between. The geography might change. But the walleyes and baits they eat most often never do. Call it simple, satisfying fishing with B-Fish-N Tackle softbaits.”

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