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Al’s Goldfish Lure Company Hires Scott Greenberg as Sales Representative

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Biddeford, ME — Mike Lee, owner of Al’s Goldfish Lure Company in Biddeford, Maine, is pleased to announce the hiring of Scott Greenberg as a sales representative. 

According to Lee, “I couldn’t be more thrilled than to have Scott Greenberg join our sales team,” he said.  “Scott’s connection not only the fishing but also the wholesale/retail industries are long-standing.  He spent 48 years working for Merrick Tackle, his family’s business, and it was there that he gained a vast and deep understanding of how our business really works.  He’s been a buyer, a merchant, a salesman, a wholesaler, a retailer, and a distributor.  He’s produced some of the largest fishing catalogs in the industry, and has worked with ecommerce and marketing.  If there is anything he doesn’t know he can pick up the phone and call any one of his colleagues.  I’m absolutely ecstatic to have a man of his vision and skill-set agree to rep our brand.”

Scott Greenberg

Greenberg is equally excited.  “My dad founded Merrick Tackle in 1958,” he said.  “I sold it in the Fall of 2013, a when I did I realized there was a big gap.  I began working at Merrick Tackle when I was eight, and it’s been the only job I’ve ever had.  When it ended with the sale I felt a huge void.  During that time I worked with thousands of people in manufacturing, retail, sales, and marketing, and they became friends.  After a year or so off I realized that I really missed the people, so I started assembling a product assortment that was of interest to me.  Sales reps are always looking to add more product lines, and when Al’s Goldfish products came on line I was interested.  I remember selling Al’s Goldfish lures in 1973, and I’m glad the all-American lure company has continued to thrive.  I look forward to helping Mike expand distribution and to employ more people in New England.”

For more information about the Al’s Goldfish product line contact Scott Greenberg at 845-750-2762 or by email at [email protected]

Founded in 1952 in Indian Orchard, MA, Al’s Goldfish Company is now headquartered in Biddeford, Maine.  The company was bought by Mike Lee in 2015 with a goal of continuing the American lure-manufacturing tradition.  Field and Stream magazine has named the Al’s Goldfish one of the “50 Greatest Lures of All Time” as well as one of the “Top 10 Trout Lures.”  Al’s Goldfish sells through three channels, wholesale, distribution and consumer direct.  For dealer/distributor information or to learn more about Al’s Goldfish please contact Mike Lee at [email protected] or at 413-543-1524.

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