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3 Bassmaster Classic Winners That Made Their Own Lures

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March 9, 2017— The return. Fishing Tackle Retailer’s infamous podcast has returned just in time for the Bassmaster Classic, bringing with it a horde of knowledge about fishing’s grandest showcase.

Delve into the bizarre and sometimes frightening minds of FTR Editors Ken Duke and Joe Sills as they scour the pages of history to tell you about three Bassmaster Classic winners who won the tournament using lures they made themselves (or had their dads make for them). Then, find out what happened to those lures after their dazzling moment in the sun.

Throughout the month of March, the FTRCast will be broadcast every week via a web portal, iTunes on iOS devices and Stitcher for Android devices. Each episode will focus on a different tackle-related aspect of the Classic.

“Ken Duke is probably the go-to resource for the entire history of BASS,” says Sills. “Seriously. When you go into the guy’s house, he has an actual library of bass fishing books and magazines—including an archive of every issue of Bassmaster Magazine ever printed. Honestly, it’s a little scary.”

Duke is a former B.A.S.S. Senior Editor; Sills is a regular contributor to B.A.S.S. publications.

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